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Big Takeover #81 Fall 2017
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Video Premiere: "Dark Matter" by The Bastards of Fate

Bastards of Fate; Photo Credit: Kent Moore
2 February 2017

The Bastards of Fate; Photo Credit: Kent Moore

The Bastards of Fate sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before, a synthesis of everything that’s come before them, and a preview of everything that’s coming after. Immaculately dressed and chronically depressed, equally comfortable among the mutants & the elite, the overworked & the effete, The Bastards of Fate have come to save music. The first single “Dark Matter” off their upcoming HHBTM Records -released album Suck the Light Out sets out to scare the listener while turning around to comfort them. Get ready to be happily in discomfort.

Jason Jackson Wellz (bassist, vocalist, captain of all things noteworthy), comments on the song and video:

““Dark Matter” pushes this theme even further and enters musical territory which is seldom explored outside the churches at the heart of America. It’s faith. It’s questioning and reaffirming. It falls well in line with Pynchon’s Proverbs for Paranoids “You may never get to touch the Master, but you can tickle his creatures”

Wellz continues, “It’s a song about relationships both real and imagined. Musically, “Dark Matter” is a raucous and anthemic affair which gives way in the end to an affirmation performed Sunday morning service-style, complete with hands raised and waving slightly as if to feel the creator. A realization from the Fred Roger’s school of thought that you, yes you, are great and “There is no one else like you.”.”

Wellz finishes up with this enigmatic thought: “Fire cleanses, as the proverb goes. But what of this fire, which is pretty obviously fake? Does it serve to conceal or reveal? The question is not worth asking. What is the sock saying? Don’t think about it. Would the song be better with different words? Probably. But these are the words we have, until someone takes the initiative and writes new ones. Could that someone be you?.”



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