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Beauty In Chaos Ft. Wayne Hussey & Rolan Bolan - 20th Century Boy (33.3 Music Collective)

1 September 2019

Photo by Anabel DFlux

The guitarist Michael Ciravolo and his force of nature Beauty In Chaos, are one of the most innovative musical-ventures of recent times, and one which has yielded both praise and success upon Michael Ciravolo. In September of last year, Beauty In Chaos released the star-studded debut, Finding Beauty In Chaos.  Produced by Michael Rozon, who worked on Ministry’s AmeriKKKant. The list of luminaries involved in the recording stack up breathtakingly as follows: Al Jourgensen of Ministry, Simon Gallup from The Cure, Ashton Nyte of The Awakening, Michael Aston from Gene Loves Jezebel, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Michael Anthony ex- Van Halen, Evi Vine, Ice T, dUg Pinnick of King’s X and lastly Wayne Hussey from The Mission

Now Beauty In Chaos has released a remixed version of the album entitled Beauty Re-Envisioned. The album contains remixes by artists, engineers and Dj’s, along with further collaborations including Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society and Rolan Bolan the son of the late-legend Marc Bolan. Rolan joins Wayne Hussey for a rendition of T-Rex’s “20th Century Boy”, and it is the latest release from Beauty Re-Envisioned album.

It is one of the most curious inclusions of the collection, as Rolan recreates the vocals on his late father. Unlike Al Jourgensen’s version which whips the album open, this version is closer to the original, a fun and frolicking Glam-Rock affair. It is amazing how much of his fathers vocal qualities Rolan possesses, this is one of many highlights and unexpected pleasures to experience. Similar in scope to the album it is taken from, the video (included below) captures the nature of the project perfectly, hard driving rock music which at its core is relaxed and executed with professionalism.

20th Century Boy 

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