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Benny Bassett - Words For Yesterday (Self-Released)

6 April 2019

A singer-songwriter from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Benny Bassett is set to release his second EP of indie folk, Words For Yesterday. Whereas his debut release was filled with hope and possibility, there’s a lingering feeling of regret and melancholy looming over the songs on this collection. It may not be outspokenly pessimistic, but every song revolves around those things which should have been said in the past and would be said if it were possible to travel back in time. There are moments of optimism, however, and ultimately the EP’s message might be learning from the past.

Some of the songs deal with missed opportunities at love like the sparse and hauntingly atmospheric “From You,” while others like the opener “Window To Forever” are attempts at apologizing and repairing old mistakes. Needless to say that this feels like a deeply personal set of lyrics, but Bassett is always careful to avoid coming across as self-pitying or overly candid. Toward the end of the EP, he even leaves a message of hope with “Building A Future” which seems to suggest that previous mistakes can provide a road map for what opportunities await. _Words For Yesterday_is both thematically more mature and ultimately more profound than its predecessor, and it comes out April 12th.


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