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The Ocean Party - I.B.O. (Emotional Response)

The Ocean Party cover art
1 December 2018

The Australian lo-fi six-piece have been incredibly busy over the past several years. By all counts, the band has released ten records and countless singles since 2011 in a variety of formats. Their latest, I.B.O. features twelve tracks (2 tracks written by each band member), on an extremely limited 7”! Starting out as an experiment in the studio as they ready their next full-length LP, I.B.O. offers a glimpse of the band’s diversity.
Each track clocking in at exactly one minute each, the record offers no consistency throughout which is a minor miracle. The urgency of the repetitious guitar and robotic vocals of “Folding Chair” reminds of Kraftwerk. Juxtaposed by the following jingle-jangle, 14 Iced Bears -esque “FantasyCube”, the band’s experiment comes across as if composed by twelve individual song-writers! Styles flow as fast as the tracks come and go; synth-pop (“Lucky Guess”), acoustic minimalism, (“Holdin’ On”), twangy ballardry (“Battle For Love”), and garage rock (“Fallin’ Off The Bone”). The Ocean Party certainly prove two things; they are difficult to peg and big things come in small packages.