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Edward Rogers - Kaye (Zip)

Edward Rogers Kaye
8 July 2014

After a handful of modest but enjoyable power pop records, singer and songwriter Edward Rogers hit a stunning peak with Porcelain, a LP that explored his past, particularly his love of the 70s glam rock with which he grew up. The New York-based Brit continues the trend on his fifth album Kaye, with a slight adjustment. Instead of looking at his history from a glam perspective, instead he filters it through the distinctive psychedelic pop of cult figure Kevin Ayers, whose “After the Show” gets covered and to whom the title track is dedicated. Not that Kaye is a direct homage, mind you. “Street Fashion” still works his beloved glam rock groove, while “What Happened to the News Today” could have come from an Ian Hunter solo album. But on “Fear of the Unknown,” “No Color For Loneliness” and the delightfully strange “Peter Pans Dream,” Rogers does indeed take Ayers’ whimsically melancholy acid folk style and make it his own. As he adds more paint to his palette, Rogers continues his evolution into one of the more interesting and distinctive singer/songwriters out there.