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Matt Lee: March 20, 2011

Top 10 March 20, 2011

Mixed bag of ear-frottage to enjoy this week!

  1. EVL – “Working Class Majority”

    My favorite band of punx out of Windsor, EVL is apparently throwing in the towel this summer. All is not lost, however, head EVL-doer Dean George has many other sick musical projects up his talented sleeve and hopefully will keep the Windsor punk scene on it’s side for a long time coming.

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  2. Mavo – “H8 Chrymes”

    Local band Mavo led by guitar torturer Mitz Takahashi are experts at blending postpunk, shoegaze and psych garage into a gorgeous tumult of epic breadth. Really really enjoy this band and so then should you!

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  3. Andrew Vincent – “Hi Lo”

    Andrew Vincent has been crapping out gold nuggets of song for like, 15 years, getting better and riper with age. Making the personal poetic, few in this vast Canadian wasteland can balance so much easy-going & chill delivery with such detailed and strong lyricism. Scope the b-side of AV’s newest 7”:

  • Tiny Empire – “Admiral Kane (Demo)”

    Exciting new local band Tiny Empire have arrived to amp up the rock quotient of Montreal, something always welcomed as we continue to drown on the indie wuss-rock invasion. Only some demo tunes up so far but a good tell of the slabs of intense heavy to come. Keep an ear out for these kids!

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  • Melted Faces – “Nutzo Mary-Jo”

    Also fresh on the scene is the mysterious group of awesomes Melted Faces , Vancouver transplants whos myspace is chock ablock with rad jams, but I’ve yet to see em live. I’m sure that’s gonna change as they settle into the chaos of this corrupt and crumbling metropolis..

    Find more artists like Melted Faces at Myspace Music

  • Really Annoying Purim Music

    I figure my status as a former Lubavitcher (true!) gives me the go-ahead to say if it wasn’t for klezmer, most Jewish holiday music would be like glass in your ears. I mean Hashem Hisself couldn’t even stand this crap could He? Tonight is Purim, I’ll be DJing at a Chavurah for younger “hipper” semi-hassids who will get down to some MJ and James Brown. The rest of Mile End and Outremont’s Hassids however, will be getting shitfaced while BLASTING horrible stuff like this into the streets.

  • Sun City Girls – “Blue West”

    A HUGE Sun City Girls fan for most of my life, I’m pretty sad to hear that their latest album Funeral Mariachi , will be their last as The Sun City Girls . Sad, but understandable as with the passing of drummer, storyteller and mad visionary Charles Gocher a few years ago, the magick cirlce has kind of been broken.

  • Phil Console – “Je Fuit La Vie”

    Even though this dude is local, I don’t know too much about Phil Console . All I know is that this tune, “Je Fuit La Vie” is a fine fine slice of something good, and there’s great banjo playing all over that bitch. Download it here

  • Weed – “Release Party”

    Weed are a new-ish bunch of noisemakers from Vancouver. I really enjoy their sound, being a sucker for way too much distortion on anything. It’s like cheese, some of us just want a little extra. Sample their recent cassette release here:

  • Ashes – “Body Symphony”

    Something really clicks with me musically for this French (France French, not Queeb French!) band called Ashes. It’s a pity the lyrics kind of suck, especially in English. But you can’t deny good riffage. Hope to catch em over here soon!


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