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The Big Takeover Issue #88

Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy has been covering music and interviewing bands for more than a decade for magazines and websites like the Big Takeover. He’s interviewed big name acts like the Walkmen, Bright Eyes, Kings of Leon, PUP, Man Man, the Get Up Kids and plenty of lesser known bands like that three piece noise act you saw in a garage one time and never heard of again. He currently lives in Austin, Texas and when he’s not at a show, you can find him hiking in the woods.

Interview: Diet Cig

8 July 2020

Diet Cig discusses the impact COVID-19 had on their new album and the move to being completely online.

Bully interview

Interview: Bully

30 June 2020

Bully returns with their third album and new optimism.

Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids

9 May 2019

The Get Up Kids are set to their release their sixth album, with a renewed confidence in their sound.


Paws returns with their fourth album

15 April 2019

Scottish indie rock band Paws is back to reclaim their sound with epic songs and catchy hooks.



7 March 2019

PUP is set to release their third album with their own record label, and they discuss the new album Morbid Stuff’s theme, dealing with life on the road and how they continue to grow as a band.