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Big Takeover #85 - Vivian Girls
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Talk in Code

Talk in Code - Talk Like That (self-released)

23 February 2020

Not only has Talk in Code always had a way with a great pop tune they have also always been smart enough to move with the times. I remember watching them in their earliest incarnation where they could easily have been found on a bill opening for the likes of Coldplay or Travis, which was exactly right for those times. Talk Like That is exactly right for these times.

Oriana Setz - Metamorfosis (Self-Released)

22 February 2020

With only seven songs, Setz manages to cover a lot of territory and themes with Metamorfosis, and she emerges as one of the most innovative new singer-songwriters precisely because of her commitment to originality and self-satisfaction.


20 February 2020

Skillfully put together by Esoteric Recordings, a deep dive into the crucial period of experimentation by Eric Burdon & The Animals.

Scenius - Glass Rain (Self-Released)

20 February 2020

UK producer Steve Whitfield and Fabrice Nau come together to form electronic outfit Scenius, and release their debut slice “Glass Rain”.

Blaine Campbell - Under The Tidal Wave (Self-Released) 

20 February 2020

The good nature of Southern California comes to the fore in the latest album Under The Tidal Wave by Blaine Campell

Brainsqueezed - Scarred (Self-Released)

16 February 2020

The sound itself may not be exactly modern, but it should easily find a home with both 70s prog and 90s alt rock fans.

Triggers and Slips - The Stranger

Triggers and Slips - The Stranger (self-released)

13 February 2020

Triggers and Slips – A Band Breathing New Life in to the Roots Rock and Alt-Country.

JM Stevens - Invisible Lines (Chicken Ranch)

12 February 2020

The leader of Austin’s long-running pop/rock outfit Moonlight Towers, James “JM” Stevens knows how to craft a good song.

France Gall - Baby Pop, 1968 & Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son (Third Man Records)

11 February 2020

Jack Whites’ Third Man Records is set to release a batch of albums by the late French starlet France Gall

Killer Workout - Four: Three (self-released)

11 February 2020

Four: Three clocks in at three songs in eleven minutes of new wavy pop glory.

The Judex

- Leather Forever (self-released)

10 February 2020

Back after a bit of a hiatus, The Judex come roaring back into the public ear with a sonic slice of retro-rock meets b-movie horror anthem.

FiRES WERE SHOT - Fallen (Holodeck)

10 February 2020

For twenty years, Clay Walton and John Wilkins have been wielding acoustic guitars in service of scorched ambience as FiRES WERE SHOT.

Ed O’Brien (EOB) – Lincoln Hall (Chicago) – February 8, 2020

10 February 2020

Billed as EOB, the group introduced material from the founding Radiohead member’s debut solo album Earth and added a couple of revealing covers.

Dot Dash - Proto Retro (The Beautiful Music)

7 February 2020

The latest by Dot Dash Proto Retro, is an album that went under the radar but is a worthy work of investigation

The Forty Nineteens - Tell Me b/w It's For Fun (That's All We're Living For) {Big Stir Records}

7 February 2020

Scrap the Valentine’s Celebrations, as The Forty Nineteens return with the double digital download of Tell Me b/w It’s For Fun

Home Leigh Goth Daughter

Home Leigh - Goth Daughter

6 February 2020

Home Leigh Goth Daughter: finding their own voice and place in the Beehive State and in the post-riot grrrl scene.

Adam Franklin - Drones & Clones (Glass Records Modern) 

5 February 2020

Adam Franklin’s Drones & Clones, his fourth and most interesting is getting a much appreciated vinyl release on March 27.

The Police - Regatta de Blanc, Zenyatta Mondatta, Ghost in the Machine, and Synchronicity LP reissues (A&M)

4 February 2020

Vinyl fans without a need for a boxed set of the full Police catalog can now choose from four individual remastered LPs.

All India Radio - Eternal (Spectra)

4 February 2020

AIR has been remarkably consistent over its near-two decade career, and Eternal keeps its winning streak going.

Criteria Years Cover

Criteria – Years (15 Passenger)

2 February 2020

Having missed this band their first time around, I am glad to have come across Criteria now. Years is the title of their first release after a fifteen year hiatus. Stephen Pedersen spent some time in Cursive before departing and eventually forming Criteria.

Storie Grubb - The Void Struggle (Self-Released)

31 January 2020

Storie Grubb is a wet dream waiting to be discovered by those who will spend hours searching through Bandcamp for secret DIY gems, and The Void Struggle proves itself to be the creation of an artist with a truly singular and original identity.

The Cosmic Array - Goldilocks (SWND)

31 January 2020

On April 17 this year, Welsh act The Cosmic Array are set to unleash their latest work Goldilocks. A blending of styles that creates a rewarding piece of work for the listener to indulge in.

Ricky Mirage - Hope And Hindsight Ep (Self Released)

30 January 2020

The son of Chicago, Illinois, multi-instrumentalist Ricky Mirage released this Ep a while back, but it remains deserving of some attention

Michael Simmons - Playlist 2020: The Originals (Crab Apple Records) 

29 January 2020

Michael Simmons of the legendary power pop zeitgeist sparkle jets UK presents Playlist 2020: The Originals. Twenty-one tracks, written and performed by students of Huntington Beach High School.

Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi 30th Anniversary Deluxe (UMC/Virgin)

28 January 2020

On January 31st, Neneh Cherry releases a 30th anniversary edition of her iconic 1989 release Raw Like Sushi.

Resurrection Fern - Fern EP (Self-Released)

28 January 2020

Although smaller in stature than her debut, Fern is undoubtedly Resurrection Fern’s greatest statement yet as a musician.

A Girl Called Eddy

A Girl Called Eddy – Been Around (Elefant)

26 January 2020

Missing-in-action pop royalty resurfaces with a sophomore masterpiece.

Wilco's Sky Blue Sky - Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Cancun Mexico - 18-21 January 2020

23 January 2020

Jeff Tweedy and Wilco hit the beach, bringing 100 songs and plenty of friends and smiles along the way.

The Tor Guides - Backwards In Reverse (Futureman Records)

21 January 2020

The Tor Guides have made an excellent album in Backwards In Reverse, moving forward with ideas with a nod to the past

KT Tunstall - Golden State Vinyl EP (Rostrum Records)

20 January 2020

The 2016 release Golden State by KT Tunstall gets a well deserved vinyl release.

Me & Mr. Cigar (Soho Teen)

20 January 2020

A story of a boy and his dog. His supernatural dog named Mr. Cigar.

From the mind behind the Butthole Surfers, Gibby Haynes.

OOIOO - nijimusi

OOIOO - nijimusi (Thrill Jockey)

20 January 2020

The group’s first collection of new material after a six-year hiatus is a feeling or wavelength pronounceable and describable on the user’s own elated terms, much like OOIOO’s namesake.

The Vertigos - Out Of My Head (Self-Released)

19 January 2020

Writer Kevin Burke explores one of the most interesting punk releases of last year by Japanese outfit The Vertigos.

Boy One - Broken Skies (Self-Released)

17 January 2020

Writer Kevin Burke discusses the latest video-single by Boy One, the brainchild of Irish music legend Brian Foley, “Broken Skies” is a tribute to the climate activists of the world

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Live In Adelaide ’19, Live In Brussels '19, Live In Paris ’19 (Proceeds To Wildfire Rescue)

17 January 2020

The exceptional King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have just unleashed three live albums on Bandcamp. With 100% profits going directly to the Australian Bushfire Relief fund.

Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot (Kobalt Label Services)

16 January 2020

On January 24, the Pet Shop Boys will release Hotspot. It is not the work of a band reinventing the wheel, but using the extent of their knowledge to build a work of contemporary,  outstanding music.

Anton Barbeau - Presente: Kenny Vs.Thrust (Big Stir Records) 

14 January 2020

On January 24, Anton Barbeau will release his latest work Kenny Vs. Thrust. What is pitted as the first go-to release of 2020 delivers on the promise, and then some.

The Cure – 40 Live: Curætion + Anniversary (Eagle Vision)

12 January 2020

To mark four decades as a live band, Robert Smith and the Cure staged two ambitious concerts during the summer of 2018. Of the 57 songs split across the shows, only seven are repeated. One performance offers a deep dive into the Cure’s evolution, and the other is a career-defining celebration.

Ambulette - Too Bad About All Your Problems (Self-Released) 

11 January 2020

Atlanta based Ambulette present their debut Ep Too Bad About All Your Problems, a work that is undeniably addictive, and even springs nostalgia from unexpected places

Robertas Semeniukas - Backstage Stories (Self-Released)

9 January 2020

The album comes off like the work of one man who clearly knows his music history, and it’s a tribute to the bands that have inspired him the most, while putting his own unique spin on his influences.

Snowgoose - Hope (Glass Records Modern)

8 January 2020

Snowgoose release “Hope” on February 20, the first insight to their upcoming sophomore album The Making of You.

Gene Clark - No Other | Super Deluxe (4AD)

7 January 2020

In late 2019, 4AD reissued Gene Clark’s No Other on various formats, a masterpiece which is thankfully no longer lost.

Norman - Buzz And Fade (Hey Amigo Recording Co.) 

7 January 2020

As 2020 begins one of the most sublime albums released in 2019, Buzz And Fade by Norman, sets a high bar for the year to come. 

Dunkie - Working To Design (SWND Records) 

2 January 2020

Dunkie have just released Working To Design, balanced between cinematic depth and melodic bliss, it is an album that requires investigation.

Pastor – Unveil [Self-Released]

2 January 2020

Based out of Vienna, Austria, Pastor has bestowed their final release Unveil. Six originals plus one cover of riff-heavy, galloping songs, Pastor do not hide their influences

James Clarke Five - Parlour Sounds (The Beautiful Music)

1 January 2020

A look at the latest by The James Clarke Five Parlour Sounds, an album which has the words ‘modern classic’ tattooed on it’s very core.

Jenn Vix - 6

Jenn Vix - 6 (Umbrella Music)

31 December 2019

Moving from Blade Runner lullabies to upbeat electroclash lounge, 6 is sort of a Soft Cell shimmer over a Casio pop aesthetic, but with way more colors than basic black.

The Toms - The 1979 Sessions (Futureman Records)

31 December 2019

Songwriter and musician Tommy Marolda has just released a fourteen-track set of demos in The Toms The 1979 Sessions. A release which is on par with the self-titled Toms debut