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The Big Takeover Issue #87
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Dead Coyote - APPARITIONATA (Self-Released)

10 April 2021

Like Rocky Horror, the EP is extremely camp, over the top, and a ton of fun.

Elford, Davies and Baldini - The Real Story (Self-Released)

10 April 2021
The Real Story is a fantastic album that gives the listener the feeling that something vital and energetic had been missing from rock music even if they weren’t aware of it.

Pat Donaher - Occasionally (self-released)

9 April 2021

For his fourth LP Occasionally, the high school music teacher and yoga instructor takes a painterly approach to his music, shifting the emphasis away from improvisation and towards composition.

Indonesian Junk - Living in a Nightmare (Rum Bar)

8 April 2021

One of Midwestern rock & roll’s hidden treasures, Indonesian Junk (and what about that “damn, I wish I’d thought of it first” band name?) just keeps getting better.

Daniel Blake - Jakarta

8 April 2021

If Daniel Blake’s previous single, “Circle Mountain”, made a few discerning music fans take notice, Jakarta is the collection of songs where he is likely to become a talking point in all of the right places.

Jim McCulloch - When I Mean What I Say (Violette Records)

7 April 2021

Due for release on May 21st, ‘When I Mean What I Say’ is an album that is a long time coming, and it has been worth the wait

Theo Walentiny - Looking Glass (self-released)

5 April 2021

In the grand tradition of albums by Keith Jarrett and Paul Bley, the ivory-tickler went into the studio with nothing prepared, casting his fate to the improvisational winds.

Dopolarians - The Bond (Mahakala Music)

2 April 2021

Who knew that the south was a hotbed of free jazz? Probably every Southern jazz fan ever, but for the rest of us, the existence of a group like the Dopolarians is a delightful surprise.

Toni Halliday - Roll The Dice EP

Toni Halliday – Roll The Dice EP (EMI Production Music)

1 April 2021

Mesmerizing singer/songwriter Toni Halliday (Curve, Chatelaine) returns with music made for sync deals, but tantalizes with her alluring vocals.

Electraluxx - Buzz-O-Ramma (Rum Bar)

1 April 2021

Principals Scott Dense and Little Ricky reach back to sounds made before psychedelia was even a twinkle in anyone’s eye.


Tune-Yards – sketchy. (4AD)

31 March 2021

Merrill Garbus mixes itchy music and restless social commentary to spark a revolution of the mind.

Jim Snidero - Live at the Deer Head Inn (Savant)

29 March 2021

Sometimes you just want something old school – and that’s what alto saxophonist Jim Snidero delivers on Live at the Deer Head Inn.

boWsER - Whispers From the Wicker Man (Self-Released)

28 March 2021

Whispers From the Wicker Man may be one of the more unexpected hard rock releases of the year, but it is sure to remind fans why the group first caused a stir all those years ago.

Ocelot - s/t (577)

26 March 2021
Influenced as much by classical music as avant-garde post bop, pianist Cat Toren, percussionist Colin Hinton and woodwinder Yuma Uesaka prefer to simply follow their own impulses, coloring outside the lines when the urge takes them.

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Breathe (Blue Note)

25 March 2021
Breathe is a sequel to 2018’s All in My Mind, as it consists mainly of live performances from the same 2017 date from which come its predecessor’s.

Cameron Graves - Seven (Artistry Music/Mack Avenue)

23 March 2021

Fans of fusioneers as diverse as Return to Forever, Scott Henderson & Tribal Tech and Dan Weiss’ Starebaby will definitely find common cause here, but to say the record sounds like any of those folks is inaccurate.

Peter Case - The Midnight Broadcast (Bandaloop)

22 March 2021

While still best known for his new wave and power pop work with the Plimsouls and the Nerves (despite neither of those bands having existed in years, if not decades), Case is at his best when he’s filtering what’s now called Americana through his own unique brain.

Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz - Sirens Go By (Baggage Room Records)

20 March 2021

Although their next release promises to have more of a rock edge, the mood of Sirens Go By, especially the title track, perfectly suits the uncertain and contemplative time we are in.

Nik Bartsch - Entendre (ECM)

19 March 2021

After eight albums with his so-called “Zen funk” band Ronin and three with his more expansive group Mobile, Swiss pianist Nik Bartsch returns to the solo format for the first time since 2002.

Sana Nagano - Smashing Humans (577)

18 March 2021

With one foot in the gypsy jazz of Stephane Grapelli and another in the spontaneous intensity of Albert Ayler or latter-day John Coltrane, Nagano is as comfortable with straight post bop as with free jazz, and seems to be happiest when she blends the two.

Charles Lloyd & the Marvels - Tone Poem (Blue Note)

12 March 2021

With a light guiding hand for the musicians and his own improvisational skills at their peak, Lloyd varies the mood of each song according to its thematic landscape.

Eyehategod - A History of Nomadic Behavior (Century Media)

11 March 2021

Despite seemingly constant setbacks (bandmember deaths, interpersonal squabbling, singer Mike IX Williams suffering liver failure), the New Orleans band is, if anything, stronger than ever.

The Divorcees - Drop of Blood (Self-Released)

10 March 2021

Essentially, their music is a party in spite of life falling apart, thus making The Divorcees the perfect post-pandemic soundtrack.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan – 1970 (Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings)

10 March 2021

Copyright protection produces more enticing revelations from Bob’s endless back pages.

Apache Rose - Attention! (Self-Released)

9 March 2021

With an album cover that could have easily been shot in the 90s, Apache Rose proudly sport clear influences of alt-rock acts like the Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, and Queens of the Stone Age.

The Reducers - Live: New York City 2005 (Rave On Records)

9 March 2021

The Reducers remind us of their unequalled brilliance on a new live set

Delusive Relics - The Blind Owl (DO IT Records)

9 March 2021

The group is at their best replicating the Industrial and atmospheric piano ballads by Martin Gore, but they expanded what were commonly interludes on Depeche’s greatest albums from the 80s and brought them front and center.

Love of Everything - Echo Frenz

Love of Everything - Echo Frenz (Joyful Noise Recordings)

7 March 2021

Bobby Burg’s first Love of Everything release in a decade offers aural hugs in a year where any kind of embrace is desperately needed.

Hayley And The Crushers - Fun Sized (Rum Bar Records)

3 March 2021

The Californian-based dynamo outfit Hayley And The Crushers return with a new set of music, a six-song set aptly titled Fun Sized.

Thumbscrew - Never is Enough (Cuneiform)

2 March 2021

“Unsung Procession” and “Through an Open Window” present Thumbscrew at its most prototypical, with guitar melodies that leapfrog over expected changes, non-conformist harmonies and a rhythm section that keeps the ground unsteady under the lead instrument’s feet.

Joe Chambers - Samba de Maracatu (Blue Note)

26 February 2021

The career of drummer Joe Chambers stretches back to the early sixties, when his rhythm work was a staple of many a Blue Note LP. He logged time with Bobby Hutcherson, Wayne Shorter, Freddie Hubbard, Andrew Hill, Donald Byrd and more, plus gigged with Hugh Masekala, among others.

Mouse on Mars - AAI

Mouse on Mars - AAI (Thrill Jockey)

25 February 2021

Mouse on Mars, heavily featuring an AI software, return with their most impactful narrative album bearing small traces of what hints to later be truly revolutionary.

Lael Neale

Lael Neale – Acquainted with Night (Sub Pop)

23 February 2021

Stark, confessional tunes plus Omnichord equal unsettling intimacy.

Strangers In A Strange Land + Vince Melouney - Ring My Bell (Ace Records)

22 February 2021

The San Francisco based outfit Strangers In A Strange Land release a cover of the Bee Gees “Ring My Bell” featuring a Bee Gee and Shel Talmy

Palmyra Delran & The Doppel Gang - Lucky In Love (Wicked Cool Records)

22 February 2021

Palmyra Delran returns with The Doppel Gang, and the music world is a better place.

Genya Ravan / The Shang Hi Los - I Who Have Nothng | Sway Little Prayer (Rum Bar Records)

21 February 2021

A testimony to Rock And Roll, courtesy of the split single featuring Genya Ravan and The Shang Hi Los

Matthew Shaw - Nachtmusik (Glass Modern) 

21 February 2021

Matthew Shaw delivers an album of tribute, nostalgia and advances, with the electric poetry of Nachtmusik.

Witch - Introduction (Now-Again)

19 February 2021

Zamrock, the African nation of Zambia’s indelible contribution to the wide umbrella of rock & roll, had to start somewhere, and this is it.

Amanda Easton - Wallflower (Self-Released)

18 February 2021

Wallflower is a fantastic document of a state of mind that countless others have likely experienced in the preceding twelve months, and is definitely recommended for any fans of Lana Del Rey.

Keen Garrity - Get Big (Self-Released)

17 February 2021

By the end of Get Big, the album is a truer descendent of Americana than the majority of slickly-produced odes to beer and women that masquerade under the title today.

Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield – The Complete Atlantic Singles 1968-1971 (Real Gone Music)

16 February 2021

A British pop great teams up with American producers to make timeless music.

Jakob Bro - Uma Elmo (ECM)

12 February 2021

Named for his children, Uma Elmo gives Bro new vistas to probe, expanding and refreshing his exploratory musical outlook.

R+R=NOW - Live (Blue Note)

11 February 2021

Modern jazz supergroup R+R=NOW formed out of what was supposed to be a one-off, freely improvised show at South By Southwest in 2017.

A short conversation with TJ and Steven from The Nearly Deads

10 February 2021

Led by the inimitable vocalist Theresa Jeane and featuring Steven Tobi, *Javier Garza Jr. and Josh Perrone, The Nearly Deads are one of the hottest rock bands to come out of Nashville. Their amalgam of powerful pop vocals and aggressive alternative rock music combined with their love of all things geek mixed in with messages of positivity and empowerment creates a truly unique style. I sat down with TJ and Steven to find out more.

Dizmation - Sea Area Forecast (Self-Released)

9 February 2021

It is still early in the year, but Sea Area Forecast, out February 10th, has all the makings to be one of 2021’s strongest indie rock efforts.

Place Like This - London Thor

9 February 2021

L.A. based singer, musician and actress, London Thor’s latest single is both timely and timeless. It captures so much about current mental health and attitudes in the pandemic afflicted world but it also speaks for those who have always found social situations stressful.

Countless Thousands - And the Triumph of Justice (Self-Released)

8 February 2021

An album like And the Triumph of Justice is, to put it simply, sheer fun, a breath of fresh air, and a reminder of this country’s potential just when it is needed the most.

Peter Kronreif & Wayfarers - Aeronautics (Fresh Sound New Talent)

8 February 2021

Aeronautics is a great showcase for some strong jazz talent that’s relatively unknown – for now.

Dusty Wright - Can Anyone Hear Me?

Dusty Wright - Can Anyone Hear Me? (PetRock)

5 February 2021

It’s not easy listening if you pay attention to the lyrics, but it rewards that attention with catharsis.

Michael Gregory Jackson - Frequency Equilibrium Koan (Golden)

5 February 2021

Part of the New York scene starting in the seventies and into the eighties, the axeman vacillated between mainstream soul/pop (including LPs for Island and RCA/Novus, the former produced by Nile Rodgers) and avant-garde jazz (work with Oliver Lake and Wadada Leo Smith, recording the landmark Clarity LP in 1977).