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The Big Takeover #79
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Nate Jespersen (Ultrviolence)

21 April 2017

Nate Jespersen of post-punk/darkwave Ultrviolence reveals details about the band’s resonant, restless, noir sound, his magnetic vocals and therapeutic creative process, and riveting upcoming EP.


Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog)

9 March 2017

Cristina Martinez of New York City garage/punk/blues rock legends Boss Hog (with husband Jon Spencer) reveals details about the creation of upcoming album Brood X and her NYC memories.


Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO, S T F U)

27 February 2017

Dean Garcia, the musical mastermind behind Curve (with Toni Halliday on vocals) and SPC ECO (with his daughter Rose Berlin on vocals), chats candidly about his collaborative projects, the current political/cultural climate, and his creative mindset.


Black Honey

8 February 2017

Izzy Baxter, the engaging frontwoman of UK indie rock band Black Honey, spills the latest details about the act’s ascendant trajectory.

COTE; Photo Credit: Jen Trahan


18 January 2017

Brooklyn-residing indie pop artist COTE brings her singer-songwriter chops and elegant, expressive vocals to her classic (circa 1970s) music.

Syd Arthur (Liam Magill)

20 December 2016

I had the opportunity to chat with Syd Arthur’s Liam Magill a while back. Check out some Q&A!

David Gedge of The Wedding Present; Photo Credit: The Wedding Present

David Gedge of The Wedding Present

1 December 2016

David Gedge, the renowned British veteran musician/singer-songwriter and founder of the indie rock/post-punk band The Wedding Present, is still going strong with a new double album.

We Three And The Death Rattle; Photo Credit: Paul Reno

We Three And The Death Rattle

14 November 2016

Amy Cooper and Jon Bennett of the UK-based indie/garage rock trio WTATDR dig into the details of their striking and seismic sound and upcoming second album.

Charlie Hilton by Brianne Wills

Interview with Charlie Hilton (Blouse)

12 October 2016

“I used to think that my impulse to write songs matched the very same need to write poetry or stories when I was younger. A sort of longing to abstract and simplify the disorder of emotion I felt inside.” – Charlie Hilton

Interview: Thousand Foot Whale Claw

27 September 2016

This past February, Austin’s Thousand Foot Whale Claw quietly released one of the best kosmische-laden albums of 2016. The BT spoke to Justin Goers (bass/synth/drum machine/guitar) and Adam Jones (synth/drum machine) through email about Austin, Holodeck Records and their newest album Cosmic Winds.


BREATHLESS: An Interview with Dominic Appleton, Ari Neufeld, & Gary Mundy

21 September 2016

“We wanted to be like all our favourite bands but they were so diverse that ultimately you just end up sounding like yourself, which is how it should be.” – Gary Mundy

Catching Up with Eron Bucciarelli

18 September 2016

“More people have mistaken me for Adam Levine from Maroon 5 than they have recognized me as Eron from Hawthorne Heights.” Drummer Eron Bucciarelli takes a break from touring to discuss fame, the summer of 1994 and how his band sued Victory Records.

Alex Brettin

3 September 2016
50FootWave - band

Kristin Hersh

29 August 2016

Trail-blazing independent music icon Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50FootWave, solo) reveals details about her past, present, and future in an engaging and insightful interview.

Post Death Soundtrack interview

Post Death Soundtrack

22 August 2016

Steve Moore and Jon Ireson of the atmospheric alternative rock/electronic/industrial music project Post Death Soundtrack enlighten with info about their musical history, recent album, genre-blending sound, and future plans.

Native Gold - A Man We All Admire EP

Native Gold

25 July 2016

Michael Weeks, one half of the electronic/post-rock duo Native Gold, spills details about working with musical partner and friend Lee Young, their atmospheric and restless sound, and accomplished debut EP.

Seratones by Pooneh Ghana

Seratones: Redefining Southern Rock

11 July 2016

“I’ll be damned if such a one-sided overly simplistic representation of music from this land is all the world comes to know.” – A.J. Haynes

American Anymen band

Brett Sullivan of American Anymen

11 July 2016

Brett Sullivan, the founder of long-running anti-folk/punk band American Anymen, clarifies his stance against capitalism, the nature of art, and upcoming album Start My Center.

B Boys by Ben Trogden

B Boys: An Interview with Andrew Kerr

28 June 2016

“The songs represent an inward reflection more so than an outward one. What it feels like to live in society but not an analysis of society itself.” – Andrew Kerr

The Floozies

27 June 2016

I sat down with funk duo The Floozies at Bonnaroo earlier this June. Read all about what they had to say.

S T F U Photo by S T F U

Preston Maddox of Bloody Knives & S T F U

22 June 2016

Preston Maddox reveals details about his nightmare dream-rock band Bloody Knives and slow-burning dystopian music project S T F U with Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO).

Esme Patterson by Devvon Simpson

A Brief Chat with Esmé Patterson

20 June 2016

“It’s interesting to me that as a woman in a male-dominated industry, we are congratulated when we show ‘masculine’ characteristics, but often chagrined for being ‘girly.’” – Esmé Patterson

Bonnaroo 2016

Steve Gunn

15 June 2016

I chatted with Steve Gunn, virtuosic guitarist and former member of Kurt Vile and the Violators. Read all about what he had to say.

Standing Ovations: An Interview with Alex's Hand

13 June 2016

“What we found is that Berlin is a city of chaos with an artistic infrastructure that is more than 100 years old. It is in a constant state of transition, and I think this enables artists to basically do whatever they want. There is no industry telling you what to listen to, and no standard for what art or music should be.” – Nic Barnes

Bonnaroo 2016

Twin Peaks

9 June 2016

I got to chat with Chicago garage-punk band, Twin Peaks. Read what they had to say.

Rogue Wave: An Interview with Zach Rogue

5 June 2016

“Writing songs has always been a cathartic experience for me. It’s a way of processing my life in a way that is not self-destructive.” – Zach Rogue

Daniel Wylie of Cosmic Rough Riders.

A Chat with Daniel Wylie of Cosmic Rough Riders

13 April 2016
“It’s either jingle jangle, chiming, guitar pop with harmonies and hooks, or it’s melodic, acoustic, melancholia with harmonies. My main focus is on writing super tuneful vocal melodies that you can sing in the shower.”

Interview: Noveller

5 April 2016

Noveller is the solo electric guitar project of Brooklyn composer/filmmaker, Sarah Lipstate. She’s responsible for Fantastic Planet, one of the finest albums of 2015 and has recently been the opening act for Iggy Pop on his latest tour.


Interview: Damien Jurado

11 March 2016

“Sci-fi actually plays a big role in that, because I grew up on The Outer Limits, and I grew up on Twilight Zone and C.S. Lewis. But I didn’t tell anybody that, because I always associated it with…I don’t know, I didn’t want to tell anybody that, because it might ruin my Americana image.”

An Interview with Carlotta Cosials of Hinds

29 February 2016

Complete interview with Carlotta Cosials of Hinds used for the short take in Big Takeover #77.

Meet Clarke and the Himselfs, the best-ever one-man band out of Boise

4 February 2016

With his unique drums-and-guitar setup and already-massive repertoire of lo-fi pop gems (over 400!) 27-year-old Clarke Howell is one of the Western U.S. underground’s best-kept secrets, but with his first proper LP The Well-Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs out, another on the way and two tours with Built to Spill under his belt that ought to change soon.

Hej! An interview with Gustav Ejstes of Dungen

26 October 2015

Gustav Ejstes of Dungen is back in the US after a five year absence, with a new record and a short tour.

Robert Forster - Songs to Play

An Interview with Robert Forster

18 September 2015

The Australian musician continues to step out from the shadow of The Go-Betweens on a new solo set, Songs to Play.

Local H - Hey, Killer

Local H: No Ghosts

28 August 2015

Scott Lucas talks about the new Local H record, then plays a show at Minneapolis’ Triple Rock.

Chick Quest

An Interview with Chick Quest

27 July 2015

“It’s [spaghetti western soundtracks] just breathtaking music regardless of the context it sits in or the film genre it’s associated with. And for that reason I thought it would be cool to see if I could mold a bit of its essence to something dance-y and opposite”.

Your book rules: a conversation with writer and musician Jon Fine

14 July 2015

Nerding out on music and writing with the Bitch Magnet guitarist and author of the new punk time capsule Your Band Sucks.

The Pre New: Anything Could Happen 'Round Here...But It Doesn't

6 July 2015

We have a conversation with The Pre New’s mastermind, Jamie Fry, and discuss his illustrious past and how it relates to his newest project.


1 July 2015

An interview with the prophets of fuzz, Truckfighters

Scott Causer with The Electric Mainline

An Interview with Scott Causer of Northern Star Records

27 June 2015

“Sometimes people take what I say too seriously on social media, but I’d like to think this shows another side to Northern Star and the personality and train of thought behind it.”

Getting Wet for the Wett Stilettos: a Pinto Stiletto interview

21 June 2015

It’s like Twisted Sister – a “Sister Fister” is a sister who fists. We’re not saying it’s RC, but…

An Interview with Mexican shoegazers, Car Crash Sisters

12 June 2015

“When I found music it was different, it added an extra “something” that gave me much more excitement and freedom. Before shoegaze, Sonic Youth was the band that introduced me to all this noisy experimentation with guitars, so that was what opened the gates to a flood of shoegaze bands for me.”

Of Everything That Rhymes: The Wordless Sonnet of Benoit Pioulard

28 May 2015

We sit down to talk with dream-pop composer Thomas Meluch about his latest album, Sonnet, the process of channeling nature through electronic sound, and the experience related to coming of age during the brief “blog band” phenomenon.

Reverend Horton Heat Takes Vancouver: Jim Heath Interview, bev davies live photos

23 May 2015

Jimbo – he goes, ‘I looked over at the dance floor, and it was all guys, and there was this black cowboy French kissing a white cowboy.’ And he said, ‘at that moment I knew we were in the wrong place!’

Doncaster's own shoegazers, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun.

An Interview with Nick Noble of 93MillionMilesFromTheSun

17 May 2015

“All the songs have a certain amount of us wishing we were somewhere else in them, I’m sure of that. We’ve always done our own thing and we’ve never been bothered if the people of our home town like it.”

The Dream Syndicate, photo by Edward Colver

An Interview with Steve Wynn of The Dream Syndicate

16 May 2015

“They sounded so far ahead of their time back in those dark musical days when only the punk and new wave scenes offered any hope for listeners turned off by disco, bad metal, and hair bands.”

Death and Vanilla

A Conversation with Sweden's Death and Vanilla

16 May 2015

“Malmö, Sweden’s Death and Vanilla are a duo with an enchanting and occasionally creepy sound, composed on vintage instruments and drawing on musical influences ranging from Julee Cruise to Broadcast to The United States of America.”


An Interview with Alvvays

6 April 2015

Alvvays make a collaborative playlist on the spot, eat life-threatening hot wings, and tell us the questions they hate being asked. It’s weird, miscellaneous, and wonderful!

Immersing oneself in Magma: a Christian Vander interview

30 March 2015

I never worried about trends. Magma just flies through time and periods.

Members of the band Echodrone.

An Interview with Saint Marie shoegaze faves, Echodrone

12 March 2015

“I feel very fortunate at this point in my life that I was able to meet and collaborate with these wonderful people. It would certainly be an experience to play live shows, but recording and releasing music is as much as I can hope for at this point.”