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The Big Takeover #80 Spring 2017
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Morphine – Journey of Dreams (MVD)

31 October 2016
No one will ever sound like Morphine, and if count yourself among their devoted fans, Journey of Dreams will instantly take you back to the first time you heard them. Essential.

The Complete History Of Seattle (NR)

6 June 2016

A city where roughly a third of the population considers itself religiously unaffiliated isn’t a place you’d peg as a Christian rock stronghold. But for a few brief years in the post-Nirvana ‘90s, Seattle was, making for strange bedfellows, as told in this new documentary.

The Damned Don't You Wish That We Were Dead MVDvisual

The Damned: Don't You Wish That We Were Dead (NR)

20 May 2016

Ask any millennial about punk and they’ll most likely name check The Sex Pistols and The Clash, yet The Damned remain ignored and forgotten.

The Jam About The Young Idea Eagle Rock

The Jam: About The Young Idea (NR)

21 January 2016

Amid the mohawks and safety pins of late ’70s English punk, The Jam stood apart with their mod style, power pop tendencies and r&b leanings.

Black Wax

23 November 2015

The lyrical activism of Gil Scott-Heron is beautifully presented in Black Wax.

The Color of Noise HAZE XXL Amphetamine Reptile Eric Robel MVD

The Color of Noise (NR)

19 November 2015

Today, a trip to any bar on ’90s night will only assault you with music you thought would be forgotten twenty years later.


Very Extremely Dangerous

11 November 2014

Jerry McGill, with his band The Topcoats, released “Lovestruck” and “I Wanna Make Sweet Love” on Sun Records in 1959. Before he died in 2013, McGill claimed to have been arrested 97 times. What occurred in between is the subject of this compelling and unsettling film.