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    1. Stone Roses
      16 July 2014

      Amazon Essentials: Jack Rabid Revisits Stone Roses’ Guitar-Pop Masterpiece

      Indeed, The Stone Roses remains an immortal moment in modern British pop history. A quarter century on, one is still held enthralled by John Squire’s lovely, commanding yet beautiful guitar passages, Mani’s booming, loping bass, and Reni’s kick-drum-heavy grooves, backing a bravura performance from smallish, po-faced frontman Ian Brown, whose almost whispery trilling belies an essential brashness. There’s not a false moment, from the opening buildup of the says-it-all “I Wanna Be Adored” to the concluding, psychedelic funky freak-out of the (also self-explanatory) “I am the Resurrection.”


      14 July 2014

      This week's "Big Takeover on Breakthru Radio" show: new Slowness, Proper Ornaments, Len Price 3, Juliana Hatfield, old Ennio Morricone, etc.!

      Also on this week’s show: Soft Science, Lightfoils (new), +/- (Plus/Minus), Sad Lovers and Giants, The Weirdos, Penetration, Radio Birdman (live), Bob Mould (new), Replacements, The Last, Throwing Muses, Tanya Donelly, Lisa Mychols, and an oldie by New Riders of the Purple Sage!


      The Bone Chimes
      14 July 2014

      Exclusive song premiere: "Walk Away" by The Bone Chimes

      The New York band’s new single, “Walk Away,” is a four-minute mini-suite, swooping and soaring through riveting twists and turns.


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      Recordings Reviews
      Men Oh Pause Pulse Check Tuff Enuff
      22 July 2014

      Men Oh Pause - Pulse Check 7"EP (Tuff Enuff)

      Hailing from England’s Sussex countryside, Men Oh Pause deliver four dark, anxiety-ridden synthpunk tunes awash in paranoia.


      22 July 2014

      Crabe - Anti-Vague (Cuchabata)

      Many people may hold their ears and run from that, as they might from Crabe, but those that remain are like the first 5 people that thought Primus was the shit and bought a tape. The prescient among us might twig to what obvious genius and true punk sorcery is being offered in the oeuvre of this phenomenal band.


      21 July 2014

      David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights - End Times Undone (Merge)

      Kilgour’s newest chapter, End Times Undone, is a collection of songs that lie between his hazy jangle and that heavenly heavy-vibed treble clang only he can produce.


      Bonsai - Bonsai EP
      20 July 2014

      Bonsai – Bonsai EP (Bonsai)

      NYC-based songstress Simone Stevens has a sumptuous, sultry voice that immediately impresses. Her new quartet’s music tones down the alt country/folk of past releases, in favor of dreamy mood-pop.


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    2. Concerts: Live show reviews
      21 July 2014

      In a word, their hour long set was epic. We overuse that word in the human race just like we wear out words like amazing but nonetheless if you were hesitating even in the slightest about seeing them as they embark on their upcoming tour, think again. It could easily be the best show you’ve seen all year and one you’ll remember and cherish for decades to come. It will make any doubters a believer in the blissful power of shoegaze music.


      Pitchfork Music Festival 2014: Saturday Highlights

      20 July 2014

      It is strange to be anything at all and still we’re all glad for the shared experience of hearing someone like Jeff Mangum who is not like anyone else we’ve ever known.


      Pitchfork Music Festival 2014: Friday Highlights

      19 July 2014

      England’s Factory Floor three piece started out slow but pretty soon female lead singer Nik Colk was starting to dance to her own rhythms as the heightened sense of beats took over the crowd and made for an awesome beginning set for many people. Some fans were even so appreciative of the beats by live drummer Gabriel Gurnsey that they started crowdsurfing!


      More Concerts
      21 July 2014

      We own all of the rights to our back catalog, so we asked ourselves for permission to use some older tunes, and we generously told ourselves that we would be happy to let ourselves use them (we have a very good relationship with ourselves in that respect)


      An Interview with German Shoegazers Seasurfer

      5 July 2014

      I love to play with all of these effects pedals and to create sounds. A lot of that stuff is from your country… the whole room flashes like a pinball game.


      An Interview with Shauna McLarnon of Ummagma

      29 June 2014

      That’s why a great song, just missing one or two pieces, can lie dormant for a few years before we finally polish it off, complete with icing and a cherry on top.


      A Chat with the In-Between Girl, Tatiana Hammond of Daisy House

      28 June 2014

      Daisy House is generous music, and very old school at heart. Who knows? It might even be revolutionary.


      Ben Vendetta - From Wivenhoe Park to Los Angeles (and back)

      14 June 2014

      You don’t have to go to music school to be a musician and so it’s the same thing. You don’t have to take writing classes to be a writer!


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