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The Big Takeover Issue #82
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Tears Run Rings; Photo Credit: Tears Run Rings 2

Album Premiere: Somewhere EP by Tears Run Rings

17 October 2018

Oregon-California-based dream-pop/rock band Tears Run Rings delivers an enchanting, transporting and yes, dreamy, EP.

Tris McCall

Video Premiere: "Conspiracy Theory" by Tris McCall

17 October 2018

Well-respected and astute New Jersey-based music essayist and singer-songwriter Tris McCall delivers a highly relevant track.

Perfect Body

Video Premiere: "Fields" by Perfect Body

17 October 2018

Welsh dream-pop band Perfect Body releases a performance video for the perfect dreamgaze song to watch the clouds go by in the sky.

Buildings and Food - Photo Credit: James Rogers

Song Premiere: "Slow to Reverse" by Buildings and Food

16 October 2018

Canadian indie avant-pop artist Buildings and Food (AKA Jen K. Wilson) drops a laid-back, flowing a single from her upcoming LP.

Whispering Sons - Photo Credit: Flor Maesen

Song Premiere: "Stalemate" by Whispering Sons

16 October 2018

Belgian post-punk band Whispering Sons unveils the mysterious and atmospheric opening number from its highly anticipated upcoming LP.

LowRay - Photo Credit: Tony Nelson

Song Premiere: "8 Track Tapes" by LowRay

16 October 2018

Minneapolis-based Americana/rock duo LowRay release a tuneful, laid-back power pop track off their upcoming debut LP.

Feel Freeze - Photo Credit: Ruben Lisboa

Video Premiere: "Bend The Night" by Feel Freeze

15 October 2018

Danish electronic/synth-pop duo Feel Freeze deliver a captivating, transgender-empowering video for a track off their new LP.

Hidden Cabins - Photo Credit: J.Cirinelli

Album Premiere: The Hidden Cabins Band EP by Hidden Cabins

12 October 2018

NJ/NC rock/Americana band Hidden Cabins opens the door on a heartfelt, reflective to urgent EP out via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

Holygram - Photo Credit: Yves Christelsohn

Video Premiere: "A Faction" by HOLYGRAM

12 October 2018

German post-punk/darkwave band HOLYGRAM is set to deliver an atmospheric, noir, mysterious, and ominous LP via Cleopatra Records.

The Safes - Photo Credit: Andrew Ballantyne

Video Premiere: "I See You" by The Safes

12 October 2018

Chicagoan rock ‘n’ roll duo The Safes pay tribute to Juliana Hatfield with a kicky cover off their new 7” out via American Laundromat.

Brandon Prinzing

Album Premiere: Hear This by Brandon Prinzing & The Old Revival

11 October 2018

Folk-punk band Brandon Prinzing & The Old Revival combine Prinzing’s acute lyrics and passionate vocals with Americana/rock styles on their debut LP.


Song Premiere: "Ringing in My Ears" by Chris Ayer

10 October 2018

Singer-songwriter/musician Chris Ayer (currently on tour) releases a heartfelt, vibrant single that showcases his polished folk-pop sound.

Uma & the Wandering Stars - Tal Zanzuri

Video Premiere: "Get Out" by Uma & the Wandering Stars

10 October 2018

London-based indie band Uma & the Wandering Stars unveil a captivating video for an uplifting dream-pop song off their latest EP.

Polly Panic - Photo Credit: Duncan Chaboudy

Song Premiere: "Annie" by Polly Panic

9 October 2018

Cellist and theatrical chamber rock artist Polly Panic (Rasputina) drops a dark electric rock track from her upcoming album.

1939 Ensemble - Photo Credit: Jason Quigley

Video Premiere: "Drill" by 1939 Ensemble

9 October 2018

Post-rock instrumental band 1939 Ensemble unveils a relevant and poignant storytelling video for a meditative track off their new LP.

Sepha - Photo Credit: Josha Eiffel

Video Premiere: "What We Wish We'd Said by SEPHA.

8 October 2018

London-based alt-pop/electronic/singer-songwriter darling SEPHA. drops a hot video for a cool track off his upcoming EP.

Fellow Robot

Video Premiere: "I'm With You" by Fellow Robot

8 October 2018

Californian indie rock/folk band Fellow Robot releases an engaging performance video for a rousing track off their recent concept LP.

MischiefNight - PhotoCredit: Kris Panko Photography

Album Premiere: Shitty Disco EP by Mischief Night

5 October 2018

There’s no disco to be found here; just lo-fi, melodic discord on an experimental rock EP from New York band Mischief Night.


Album Premiere: thirty two EP by Mantell

5 October 2018

Australian indie rock band Mantell release a heartfelt, bittersweet, and nostalgic EP which gets its US premiere here.

Friendship Commanders - Photo Credit: Gregg Roth

Album Premiere: BILL by Friendship Commanders

4 October 2018

Powerful rock duo Friendship Commanders unleash a 100% intense, relentlessly dynamic, and lyrically relevant 2nd album made with Steve Albini.

Fauvely - Tides

Album Premiere: Tides by Fauvely

4 October 2018

Indie rock/pop singer-songwriter Fauvely (AKA Sophie Brochu) reveals a deeply personal and affecting album and breaks down each track of the LP.

Lunar Twin 2

Video Premiere: "Drunken Sky" by Lunar Twin

3 October 2018

Dreamwave/ambient chill duo Lunar Twin unveils another hypnotic track (with fast electronica ending!) and video from their upcoming LP.

Kevin haskins and Foxes Magazine

NEWS: Indiegogo campaign launched for Bauhaus' Kevin Haskins to Produce FOXES TV Music Show

2 October 2018

The TV show will spotlight the rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic in new and veteran bands videos and interviews, men’s fashion, and more.

Spiritualized - Colin Bell

NEWS: Spiritualized's 1993 live LP gets reissued on black vinyl via Glass Redux Records

2 October 2018

The renowned hypnotic space rock band’s live 1992 performances in the U.S. (San Diego and L.A.) gets reissued on black vinyl.

Victory Chimes - Photo Credit: Faustino Balvé

Song Premiere: "Halos" by Victory Chimes

2 October 2018

Canadian psych-soundscape/rock band Victory Chimes (founded by Jeff Louch) delivers a riveting, simmering track from its upcoming LP.

The March Divide - Photo Credit: Josh Huskin

Video Premiere: "Spinning" by The March Divide

1 October 2018

Indie rock songwriter and musician The March Divide (AKA Jared Putman) drops a heartfelt video for a track off his recent 4th LP.

Piroshka - Photo Credit: Neil Stewart

NEWS: New supergroup Piroshka with members of Lush, Moose, Modern English, and Elastica

30 September 2018

Miki Berenyi (Lush), Kevin McKillop (Moose), Michael Conroy (Modern English), and Justin Welch (Elastica) have joined musical forces.

Dead Heart Bloom - Michelle Repiso

Album Premiere: State of Mind EP by Dead Heart Bloom

28 September 2018

Heavy shoegaze/space-rock band Dead Heart Bloom release their atmospheric, dynamic to reflective EP via Ephemeral Arts.

Manta Youf - Florian Brändli

Video Premiere: "llover" by Manta Youf

27 September 2018

Swiss dub/pop band Manta Youf swim on by with a crisp electro-pop track and accompanying summertime video from upcoming LP.

Brandtson - Fallen Star Collection Reissue Cover

Song Premiere: "Breaking Ground" (Demo Version) by Brandtson

26 September 2018

Long-running American rock band Brandtson’s Fallen Star Collection LP gets 20th anniversary limited edition release via Steadfast Records.


NEWS; TC&I announce vinyl edition of EP and UK shows

25 September 2018

Terry Chambers and Colin Moulding (both of XTC), in the form of new music project TC&I, release their latest EP on vinyl.

Globelamp - Photo Credit: Elva Lexa

Song Premiere: "Sorceress of Your Soul" by Globelamp

25 September 2018

Dream/psych-folk singer-songwriter Elizabeth Le Fey (AKA Globelamp) unveils a dreamy to sharp number from her upcoming LP.

Nitzer Ebb - Photo Credit: Hazel Hill McCarthy III

Song Premiere: "Join In The Chant" (Burn!) 12" Mix by Nitzer Ebb

24 September 2018

Influential British industrial dance/EBM outfit Nitzer Ebb gets its due with an extensive Box Set of remastered LPs and bonus tracks/rarities.

Nyresvikt - Photo Credit: Ingelinn Skurtveit Sandanger

Album Premiere: Null Framtid, Null Stress by Nyresvikt

21 September 2018

Norwegian punk/rock/hardcore band Nyresvikt unleashes a roaring, raging, infectious, and aggressive beast of a debut LP.

Nightcaller - Amani Willett

Video Premiere: "Shut Up" (ft. Imani Copolla) by NIGHTCALLER

20 September 2018

NYC-based production duo Nightcaller join forces with renowned vocalist Imani Copolla on a vibrant and defiant track/video.

the Roof Dogs - Photo Credit: Jake Paule

Song Premiere: "Mr. Taxovich" by the Roof Dogs

20 September 2018

Ohioan retro-rock band the Roof Dogs drop a nostalgic and rollin’ single with passionate vocal exclamations from their upcoming EP.

Anna Connolly - Photo Credit: Claire Packer

Song Premiere: "21" by Anna Connolly

19 September 2018

Folk/rock singer-songwriter Anna Connolly unveils a compelling, two-way confessional track from her upcoming debut album.

The Purrs - Photo Credit: Ken Lapworth

Video Premiere: "Here For So Long" by The Purrs

19 September 2018

Veteran retro-rock/pop band The Purrs deliver a rueful psych-pop/rock number and colorful performance video from their latest full-length.

The Venus Fly Trap - Paul Cox

Album Premiere: Icon by The Venus Fly Trap

18 September 2018

Renowned veteran post-punk/electronica band The Venus Fly Trap returns with a mesmerizing noir LP via Glass Modern Records.

The Jellyman's Daughter - Photo Credit: Graeme MacDonald

Album Premiere: Dead Reckoning by The Jellyman's Daughter

18 September 2018

Scottish folk/orchestral singer-songwriter duo The Jellyman’s Daughter releases a warmly rich, sonically varied, and enchanting second album.


Song Premiere: "The Way" (Demo) by Fastball

17 September 2018

Rock ‘n’ roll/power pop stalwarts Fastball will release 20th Anniversary Edition of LP All The Pain Money Can Buy via Omnivore Recordings.

OldFaith - MarceloAsherQuarantoto

Album Premiere: Old Faith by Old Faith

14 September 2018

Appalachian Mountains (and NYC) rooted post-rock band Old Faith unearth their expansive, dynamic, and reflective debut LP.

The City Gates - SuzyGevin

Video Premiere: "Sad Sad Surf" by The City Gates

14 September 2018

Canadian shoegaze/post-punk band The City Gates release a captivating, nostalgic beach-set video for a track off their latest LP.

Wyves - Photo Credit: Cory Davis from Yellowbox Films

Song Premiere: "Princess Excess" by Wyves

13 September 2018

Arizona-based rock ‘n’ roll band Wyves throw down a fiery, heavily stompin’ rock track with timely lyrics off their upcoming LP.

Ragtime Frank

Album Premiere: I Know Said The King EP by Ragtime Frank & The Drivers

12 September 2018

Aussie sonic overload rock ‘n’ rollers Ragtime Frank drop a sizzling lo-fi Big Beat EP via NYC’s Ever/Never Records.

Viva Death - Photo Credit: Dyanne Cano

Song Premiere: "Ready to Go" by Viva Death

11 September 2018

Alt-rock powerhouse collaborative outfit Viva Death unleashes a dynamic pop-punk/‘90s rock lead single from their upcoming 4th LP.


Song Premiere: "Pull Out Your Knives" by Jeen

11 September 2018

Canadian indie alt-pop/rock artist Jeen (Cookie Duster) delivers a galloping rock track and timely message from her upcoming LP.

Electric Six - Photo Credit: Mark Wright

Song Premiere: "Daddy's Boy" by Electric Six

10 September 2018

Wild Detroit bunch Electric Six, fronted by charismatic Dick Valentine, unleash powerful and infectious forces with their 14th LP.

Dan Koshute

Album Premiere: All the Way Always by Dan Koshute

7 September 2018

Pittsburgh musician Dan Koshute (former frontman of glam rock act Dazzletine) delivers an accomplished, passionate solo LP.

Pete WIlde - Joel Bear Studios

Song Premiere: "Savior" by Pete Wilde

7 September 2018

Charismatic and dynamic LA-based singer-songwriter/guitarist Pete Wilde lets loose on his latest energetic rock ‘n’ roll number.