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Big Takeover #81 Fall 2017
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Eoins - Hanna_Samoson

Album Premiere: Rites by Eoins

16 March 2018

Eoins (AKA Madis Järvekülg, formerly of Estonian post-punk band lack of Eoins) releases a mesmerizingly experimental album via Seksound.

NihilistCheerleader - AlexaRivera

Song Premiere: "You Love Proximity" by Nihilist Cheerleader

15 March 2018

Athens, Georgia Riot Grrrl-styled punk band Nihilist Cheerleader unleashes a raucous and engaging track off its upcoming album.

TheLayAwakesPatrick Kolt

Song Premiere: "Press Play" by The Lay Awakes

15 March 2018

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter couple The Lay Awakes drop their debut single that references NYC and the power of escaping through music.

Video Premiere: "The Cut" (live) by Serena Jost

14 March 2018

Serena Jost (an original member of Rasputina) unveils a live cut from her upcoming, fully realized solo album on Second Kiss.

DreamendGeoff L Johnson

Song Premiere: "A Year And A Day" by Dreamend

14 March 2018

Ryan Graveface (owner of Graveface Records) deals with hearing loss and readies an experimental Dreamend LP for release in April.

Timothy Dark - Kristina Schroeder

Song Premiere: "She Put a Spell on Me" by Timothy Dark

13 March 2018

Timothy Dark gets his groove on with a ’80s-styled funk-dance tune from his upcoming EP on Darkseed Entertainment.


Album Premiere: Patience Hell EP by Mythless

13 March 2018

Mythless, the latest project from Fang Island’s Jason Bartell, share their debut release, Patience Hell EP, before its release this Friday.

Sleepyhead promo photo

Song Premiere: "Go West!" by Sleepyhead

12 March 2018

NYC indie rock veterans Sleepyhead debut a new single from the past, combining blistering drums with pleasantly fuzzed out guitars… and a slide whistle!

Miesha and The Spanks

Album Premiere: Girls Girls Girls by Miesha & The Spanks

9 March 2018

Canadian garage rock ‘n’ roll act Miesha & The Spanks unleash their raucous and riveting album and deliver details via a quick Q&A.

DeadHeartBloomMichelle Repiso

Song Premiere: "Lost In A Dream" by Dead Heart Bloom

9 March 2018

NYC ambient/space-rock band Dead Heart Bloom (with members from Phaser) returns with a expansive, psych/folk-tinged single off an upcoming EP.

The Stars Explode

Video Premiere: "Untitled #1" by The Stars Explode

8 March 2018

Chapel Hill, NC indie classic pop/rock band The Stars Explode releases a rockin’ performance video for a track off its upcoming album.

autumn 2; Photo Credit: Craig Vanderschaegen

Song Premiere: "Beginnings" by autumn

8 March 2018

Minneapolis post-punk/psych-pop band autumn drop an atmospheric new single from its upcoming album on Sett Records.

Anton Barbeau Gustaff Choos

Video Premiere: "Down Around the Radio" by Anton Barbeau

7 March 2018

Renowned veteran singer-songwriter/musician Anton Barbeau drops a delightful video for the 1st single off his upcoming album.

Hamish Hawk Ludovic Farine

Song Premiere: "Blueprints" by Hamish Hawk & The New Outfit

7 March 2018

Scottish singer-songwriter Hamish Hawk, along with his band The New Outfit, endears with the first single from his upcoming second album.

Meltdown Festival

NEWS: Kristin Hersh to play Meltdown Festival, curated by The Cure's Robert Smith

7 March 2018

Iconic rock/indie icon Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50FOOTWAVE) is part of the stellar line-up of this year’s Meltdown Festival in London.


Song Premiere: "I Too Overflow" by Kini

6 March 2018

Experimental electronic pop artist Kini drops a clever and heartfelt track off her upcoming debut album via Sublunar Society.

ELYXR_Strange Stubborn Proud_Single art

Song Premiere: "Strange Stubborn Proud" (extended remix) by ELYXR ft.Kurt Harland Larson of Information Society

6 March 2018

Electro/synth-pop act ELYXR mixes it up with Kurt Harland Larson of Information Society on a bright and sharp collab extended remix.


Song Premiere: "A Place In The Sun" by Oberon Rose

6 March 2018

New England retro-pop/rock band Oberon Rose releases another single from its upcoming 2nd album on ThouART Records.

Wreckless Eric

Song Premiere: "They Don't Mean No Harm" by Wreckless Eric

5 March 2018

Renowned veteran singer-songwriter/musician Wreckless Eric returns with a lyrically relevant new single off his upcoming musical opus.

KatieJane Garside of Ruby Throat

Video Premiere: "also elizabeth, daughter of the above" by rubythroat

2 March 2018

KatieJane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw, QueenAdreena) and Chris Whittingham of Ruby Throat unveil a haunting, dream-like song and video from their 4th album.


Song Premiere: "Heartbeat" by The Churchhill Garden

1 March 2018

Andy Jossi, the artist behind Swiss indie music project The Churchhill Garden, collaborates with Whimsical’s Krissy Vanderwoude on an ethereal and enchanting single.

AddiktioPhotoCreditMari Strømsbo Gjørv

Song Premiere: "Armeija" by Addiktio

28 February 2018

Norway’s melodic math-rock metalheads Addiktio deliver a heavy, dynamic, and intricate instrumental conflagration from its upcoming album.

Hail The Pilot

Song Premiere: "In Circles" by Hail The Pilot

28 February 2018

Tacoma, Washington-based indie rock band Hail The Pilot flies high with a new propulsive track off forthcoming album Divider.

Vandal Moon 5 - photo credit Nicole Fraser-Herron

Song Premiere: "Baby Sounds" by Vandal Moon

27 February 2018

California-based throwback synth-/dance-pop duo Vandal Moon releases a single off its upcoming album via Starfield Music/FM Attack.

Rodney Cromwell 1 - photo credit Gid Cromwell

Song Premiere: "Comrades" by Rodney Cromwell

27 February 2018

British indietronica artist Rodney Cromwell (AKA Adam Cresswell) returns with the lead track off upcoming EP via Happy Robots Records.


Song Premiere: "Sick in Bed" by The Moondoggies

27 February 2018

American indie rock/Americana band The Moondoggies releases a captivating and reflective track from its upcoming album via Hardly Art.

EyelidsPhotoCreditJohn Clark

Video Premiere: "Furthest Blue" by Eyelids

26 February 2018

American indie rock band Eyelids drops a new video filled with surrealistic film footage that matches the act’s psychedelic side.

Tiffany Wilson; Photo Credit: Marla Moore

NEWS: Soul artist Tiffany Wilson drops a thought-provoking new video

26 February 2018

Soul artist Tiffany Wilson tackles racial tension and police brutality in America in her new video for “Me & You.”

Bauhaus by Graham Trott

NEWS: Bauhaus' Kevin Haskins to release Bauhaus - Undead Art Book

25 February 2018

On March 16, Bauhaus member Kevin Haskins will be releasing the book Bauhaus – Undead: The Visual History and Legacy of Bauhaus via Cleopatra Records.


Album Premiere: Fits & Starts by A Certain Smile

23 February 2018

Portland, Oregon-based indie pop band A Certain Smile reveals its engaging and melodic new album and track-by-track details.

GlowwormPhotoCreditRachel Wooley Davis

Song Premiere: "Can't Let Go" by Glowworm

22 February 2018

Indie artist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Davis returns as Glowworm after a decade with a haunting single from his forthcoming album.


Song Premiere: "Sir Excellent" by Nightmare Air

21 February 2018

L.A.-based shoegaze band Nightmare Air resurfaces with its 2nd single from highly-anticipated upcoming album Fade Out.

RedBlackRedPhotoCreditAngela Fernando

Video Premiere: "The Scientist" by Red Black Red

21 February 2018

New Jersey electronic/rock project Red Black Red releases an a wild video game-themed video for an intense track off its upcoming album.

Moonshine Booze 3 - photo credit Lama Donna

Song Premiere: "No Mas" by Moonshine Booze

20 February 2018

Italian ethno-punk/alt-country band Moonshine Booze explores bluegrass and and rodeo rock and its latest genre-blending single.

RacquetPhotoCreditArjan Sudick Emery Becker

Song Premiere: "Sundown" by Racquet

20 February 2018

Indie pop singer-songwriter Sapphire Jewell, who records as Racquet, releases a new single featuring her rich, plaintive vocal delivery.


Video Premiere: "Field Rep" by Azalia Snail

19 February 2018

Ahead of the release of her latest album, Neon Resistance, art pop creative Azalia Snail unveils a new video for a surrealistic pop single.


NEWS: Sonny Rollins' Way Out West reissued as 2-LP deluxe edition via Craft Recordings

19 February 2018

Living legend/tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins changed the shape of jazz and released a series of landmark recordings over his career.


Video Premiere: "JoAnna" by Neal Morse

16 February 2018

Renowned singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and progressive rock composer Neal Morse bows an engaging video for a song from his new solo album.

Low Valley Hearts

Album Premiere: Pictures of Your Mind by Low Valley Hearts

16 February 2018

Altanta, GA with European roots synth-/art rock project Low Valley Hearts reveals its classically inspired, synths-driven, psychedelic debut album.

Sloan - Photo Credit: Corbin Smith

Video Premiere: "Spin Our Wheels" by Sloan

15 February 2018

Renowned Canadian indie rock/power pop band Sloan releases a lyrics video for the second track off its highly anticipated twelfth studio album.

AloudPhotoCreditDavid Burlacu

Video Premiere: "Falling Out of Love" by Aloud

14 February 2018

Pop/rock band Aloud breaks hearts with a compelling video for its retro-R&B-infused ballad lifted up by powerful and soulful vocals.

Chris Price - Dalmatian

Song Premiere: "Roller Coaster" by Chris Price

14 February 2018

Prolific singer-songwriter/musician/producer Chris Price returns with a second, retro-rock-leaning album within a year.

Panophonic - Mandy McGee Photography

Album Premiere: Endlessly by Panophonic

13 February 2018

Philadelphia-based indie rock act Panophonic (AKA multi-talented Tom Lugo) brings a profound wall of sound on captivating new LP.

Paul Littlewood - photo credit John Fuller

Song Premiere: "Today" by Paul Littlewood

12 February 2018

Yorkshire, England-based singer-songwriter Paul Littlewood delivers a warm and sincere song from his new double A-side single.

Stax Singles, Vol. 4

NEWS: Stax Singles, Vol. 4: Rarities & The Best Of The Rest out now

12 February 2018

This 6-CD box set caps the popular series with a look at renowned Memphis label Stax’s multiple imprints in celebration of its 60th anniversary.

Twin Ritual 2

Album Premiere: Hand Through The Mist EP by Twin Ritual

9 February 2018

Synth-pop/post-punk act Twin Ritual reveals its dancing-inducing grooves and thought-provoking lyrics on its debut EP.


Song Premiere: "Hollow" by Champanes

9 February 2018

Russian dream rock band Champanes goes the stoner pop route (and originates the descriptive term?) on its heavy-dreamy new single.

VETOPhotoCreditKristoffer Juel

Song Premiere: "16 Colors" by VETO

8 February 2018

Danish alternative/electronic rock group VETO unveils another captivating number from its upcoming fourth studio album.

The Black Delta Movment - Photo Credit: Syd Young

Song Premiere: "King Mosquito" by The Black Delta Movement

7 February 2018

UK garage/psych-rock duo The Black Delta Movement delivers a dynamic cut from its upcoming album.

Stonerpop Brandon Bowman

Song Premiere: "Headglow" by Stonerpop

7 February 2018

Louisiana native electronic/synths-based psych duo Stonerpop releases a hypnotic, yet vivid new tune off its trance-inducing upcoming album.