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The Big Takeover Issue #87
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Video Premiere: "Let Go" by Badlands

4 March 2021

Swedish musician Catharina Jaunviksna, under the moniker of Bandlands, lovingly pays tribute to her late mother on a nostalgic video.


Video Premiere: "Something Crazy" by OPTO S

3 March 2021

New York City trio OPTO S recorded two concerts in early 2020 that will be released in April via ESP-Disk preceded by this single/video.


Video Premiere: "September" by LANUE

3 March 2021

Singer-songwriter Sarah Krueger unveils a nostalgic video filled with vintage and modern images for a gently yearning Americana track.


NEWS: British post-punk band I LIKE TRAINS announce Euro tour; team with Vessels on new single

2 March 2021

The hard-hitting socio-politically relevant outfit’s song is a resonant and timely rally against the powers-that-be and the remix adds a layer of darkness.


NEWS: Ethno-Metal outfit Manntra summons haunting Balkan vibes on "Barren King" single

2 March 2021

Mystical folk-rock outfit Manntra have announced they will release their new album Monster Mind Consuming via German label NoCut Entertainment.

Sunny War

Song Premiere: "Its Name Is Fear" by Sunny War

2 March 2021

Los Angeles-located Americana artist Sunny War unveils a lyrically powerful and culturally relevant single from her upcoming album.

Sunday State

Song Premiere: "White Pine County" by Sunday State

1 March 2021

Portland, OR indie rock/power pop band Sunday State drop a brisk and anthemic number from their upcoming LP recorded with Ken Stringfellow.

Nineteen Thirteen

Album Premiere: MCMXIII EP by Nineteen Thirteen

27 February 2021

Hard/alt-rock outfit Nineteen Thirteen (members of Mouth of the Architect, Twelve Tribes, Neon Warship) mine history for harrowing narratives on life, war, and death.

The Gama Sennin

Song Premiere: "I Kill You" by The Gama Sennin

25 February 2021

New alt-rock band The Gama Sennin (members from Oingo Boingo, Daft Punk, QOTSA, Burning Brides, more) unleash a gritty and powerful debut tune.


Video Premiere: "Silent Trees" by Pentral

24 February 2021

Brazilian alternative heavy rock band Pentral unleash a foreboding and socio-politically relevant music video for a track off their upcoming LP.

Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell

NEWS: Fresh music coming from Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell

23 February 2021

The pair, who have worked together for Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, will release a new album in May, preceded by Maxell’s solo LP in March.

The Orange Peels

Video Premiere: "Give My Regards to Rufus" by The Orange Peels

23 February 2021

California-based indie pop outfit The Orange Peels reveal a poignant and sweeping symphonic pop number from their upcoming double LP.

A. Sinclair

Song Premiere: "Firecat And The Small Balloons" by A. Sinclair

22 February 2021

Singer-songwriter A. Sinclair drops an engaging jangle popper with enigmatic lyrics from his upcoming 3rd album via Mr. Pink Records.

Scott Robert Allen

Album Premiere: Scott Robert Allen by Scott Robert Allen

19 February 2021

Michigan-located musician Scott Robert Allen (Red Shirt Brigade, Thunderbirds Are Now!) returns with an experimental solo, yet collaborative LP.

Marlaena Moore

Video Premiere: "Carve" by Marlaena Moore

18 February 2021

Canadian singer-songwriter Marlaena Moore braves wintry climes in a cool (literally and figuratively) music video for an emotionally fraught track.

Tombstones In Their Eyes 4

Video Premiere: "Fear" by Tombstones In Their Eyes

17 February 2021

LA-based indie psych-/stoner rock outfit Tombstones In Their Eyes unveil a new video for a track of their jam-packed compilation double LP.


NEWS: Singer-Songwriter Gatton Re-Imagines A Kacey Musgraves Track

17 February 2021

Pop singer-songwriter Gatton drop their twist on a song that was written as a message of hope during these dark times.

Nick Hudson

NEWS: The Academy of Sun’s Nick Hudson emerges with first solo LP in 5 years

16 February 2021

The new album follows up a record in 2016 and includes neo-classical torch songs and ballads scored for piano and two violins.

Alpha Cat

Album Premiere: Pearl Harbor 2020 by Alpha Cat

16 February 2021

Renowned singer/songwriter Elizabeth McCullough (founder of outfit Alpha Cat) reissues a formative LP that now contains two more tracks.

Kimon Kirk

Album Premiere: Altitude by Kimon Kirk

15 February 2021

Boston-based session musician-turned-solo artist, singer-songwriter Kimon Kirk releases a gently melodic to briskly dynamic debut LP.


Album Premiere: Illusions of Control by Fawning

12 February 2021

New dreampop noir outfit Fawning (Cheyenne Avant of Night School, and Devin Nunes) unveil a gauzily atmospheric and entrancing debut LP.


Album Premiere: Poison Stream by MOAT

11 February 2021

Marty Willson-Piper (The Church, Noctorum) and Niko Röhlcke (Weeping Willows) unveil an intriguing and bittersweet folk-pop LP.

The City Gates 4

Video Premiere: "Maddening Ride" by The City Gates

10 February 2021

Canadian post-punk/shoegaze band The City Gates unlock a hypnotic music video for an atmospheric track from their second LP.

NEWS: Ronna Reason Debuts New Video Featuring Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow

10 February 2021

The debut single from Ronna Reason is a fun homage to early ’80s electro/punk mashups with contributions from Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow) and DJ Z-Trip.


NEWS: Atmospheric dreampop/folk singer-songwriter Kramies working on new single

10 February 2021

Kramies is planning for a fall season release of his upcoming single and an EP that features a bevy of notable guest musicians.

Distant Voices

Video Premiere: "Lights of the City" by Distant Voices

9 February 2021

Based in London, Distant Voices is the solo project of Valdis Stekelis, who releases a fast-moving video for a high-energy track.

Léanie Kaleido

NEWS: Léanie Kaleido and Mark Gardener channel wonderment on "All The Things I’m Made Of"

9 February 2021

Singer-songwriter Léanie Kaleido gets a production assist from Mark Gardener (Ride) at his OX4 Sound Studio for her forthcoming album

All Hallowed

Video Premiere: "Kill" by All Hallowed

9 February 2021

Ohioan post-punk/dance-punk outfit All Hallowed (with an assist from Aaron Gillespie of Underoath and The Almost on drums) delivers a potent debut.

William Harries Graham

Video Premiere: "Aaron" by William Harries Graham

8 February 2021

Singer-songwriter William Harries Graham unveils a hazily captivating music video for an equally hypnotic track from his recent EP.

San Salvo

Album Premiere: Rarities EP by San Salvo

5 February 2021

Old-school-style instrumental band San Salvo drop a ’70s-groovin’, ’60s-psychedelic soundtrack EP that was recorded in Brooklyn.


Song Premiere: "Always On My Mind" by LAU

5 February 2021

UK-based retrowave/synthwave artist LAU unveils an infectiously effervescent, yet emotively bittersweet single from her upcoming LP.

Adult Books

Video Premiere: "Florence" by Adult Books

4 February 2021

LA-based indie pop/rock outfit Adult Books (led by Nick Winfrey) drops an delightful video for an engaging track of their upcoming LP.

Modesty Blaise

Video Premiere: "Girls Just Wanna Dance" by Modesty Blaise

2 February 2021

Long-running British orchestral/Baroque pop band Modesty Blaise returns with an engaging taster from upcoming full length.

Para Lia

NEWS: From Eastern Germany to Bliss - "My Muse" single Previews Para Lia’s Second LP

2 February 2021

German indie rock/post-punk band Para Lia unleash a driving and fiery single from their upcoming 2nd album that recalls Dinosaur Jr/Sonic Youth.


Song Premiere: "Schmwarf" by Camera

2 February 2021

Acclaimed veteran Krautrock outfit Camera (Michael Drummer is sole founding member) returns with a gritty track from their upcoming LP.

Mike Viola

Video Premiere: "We May Never Be This Young Again" by Mike Viola

1 February 2021

Renowned producer/musician/singer Mike Viola (the Candy Butchers) unveils a poignant narrative video for a reflective song off his recent LP.

No Year

Album Premiere: So Long By No Year

29 January 2021

Portland, OR-based psychedelic-inspired post-hardcore band No Year re-release their heavy, intense, and restless first album.

Shannon Ferguson

Video Premiere: "Selkies" by Shannon Ferguson

28 January 2021

Musician, producer, and composer Shannon Ferguson (Longwave) surfaces with an atmospheric instrumental/video from his upcoming LP.

Arsenic Tea Party

Video Premiere: "12 Gauge Exit Strategy" by Arsenic Tea Party

26 January 2021

Flint, Michigan-originating punk rock ‘n’ roll/metal mavericks Arsenic Tea Party deliver nihilistic cheer on their upcoming EP.

Garrison Hawk

NEWS: Jamaica-NYC artist and Tricky collaborator Garrison Hawk wows on The Adrenaline LP

26 January 2021

Dancehall and reggae artist Garrison Hawk (known as Hawkman) is back with a new album packed with good vibes and meaning.

Too Much Joy

Video Premiere: "Blinding Light Of Love" by Too Much Joy

26 January 2021

Renowned power pop/indie rock band Too Much Joy bounce back with a searing and relevant song/video from their upcoming LP (their first in 25 years!).

The Watters

Video Premiere: "Déjà Vu" by The Watters

25 January 2021

Austin, Texas-based Americana band The Watters drop an engaging music video for a sincere and soulful track from their new LP.


Album Premiere: Royal Dagger Ballet by TRZTN

22 January 2021

New York/Paris musician/composer Tristan Bechet releases an innovative electronic LP with a host of luminaries (Karen O, Paul Banks, Jonathan Bree, more).

Allison Lorenzen

Song Premiere: "VALE" (feat. Midwife) by Allison Lorenzen

21 January 2021

Allison Lorenzen of School Dance unveils her haunting solo outing, with shoegaze-guitar looming provided by Madeline Johnston of Midwife.

Kaz Mirblouk

Video Premiere: "Title Sequence" by Kaz Mirblouk

20 January 2021

LA-based Kaz Mirblouk launches a mesmerizing shoegaze-inspired song with accompanying performance video in conjunction with his LP release.

Madisyn Whajne

Video Premiere: "Killing Desire" by Madisyn Whajne

19 January 2021

Madisyn Whajne, a member of Whitefish River First Nation in Ontario, unveils an indie pop song with punk heart and accompanying video.

Moonshine Booze

Album Premiere: Pandemonio'by Moonshine Booze

19 January 2021

European alternative rock band Moonshine Booze drop their latest animated and tuneful LP that brings together the rock and blues genres.

Parker Longbough

Song Premiere: "The Youngster" by Parker Longbough

19 January 2021

Indie rock/pop project Parker Longbough (AKA Matthew Witthoeft) unveils a tuneful lament about 3 real-life rappers whose lives were cut short.


Video Premiere: "Mirror" by Nonviolenze

18 January 2021

Houston, Texas-based Shri Baratan, founder of the music/art/poetry corporation Nonviolenze, drops a relevant and insightful performance music video.

Frankie Sunswept

Album Premiere: Turning by Frankie Sunswept

15 January 2021

NYC (by way of Los Angeles) psych-folk/pop/rock artist Frankie Sunswept (Crushed Out, The Sunwrays) unveils his vibrant to reflective solo LP.