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Video Premiere: "Unstoppable Me" by Jeff Elbel + Ping (Marathon Records)

28 June 2022

“Unstoppable Me” is a sunny pop charmer from Chicago-area prog/roots-pop collective Jeff Elbel + Ping. The song’s boundless confidence sets up a twist in The Threefinger Opera LP’s storyline. The video is campy fun from the team at Mecoclub.

Song Premiere: "Experimental World" by Evan Taylor

27 June 2022

“Experimental World” is a new single from songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Evan Taylor being released on Taylor’s own Loantaka Records.

Video Premiere: "They Put Tears In Cigarettes" by Useless Users

25 June 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of Useless Users “They Put Tears In Cigarettes” from the debut LP “We Are All” due out on Emotional Response Records July 3.

Video Premiere: "Wild Eyes" by Nervous Eaters

24 June 2022

Pioneering Boston punk band Nervous Eaters, contemporaries of bands like the Ramones, The Police, Iggy Pop, The Pretenders, and a host of others, has released a new single, “Wild Eyes,” ahead of a new album due out this fall on Little Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.

Song Premiere: "good night" by partygirl

23 June 2022

PREMIERE: partygirl Explores Survivorship as Radical Political Identity in Debut Single “good night”

Video Premiere: "Matador Bell" by doubleVee

23 June 2022

Premier of “Matador Bell,” the second video from the upcoming Treat Her Strangely album, the latest album from doubleVee featuring former Starlight Mints frontman, Allan Vest.

Song Premiere: "Jordu" by City of Four

22 June 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of new music from City of Four from the upcoming jazz compilation “Standard Issue” on Mint 400 Records / Raining Music.

Song Premiere: "The Drugs Don't Work" (Verve cover) by The Art Of The Soul

21 June 2022

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of “The Drugs Don’t Work” (Verve cover) by The Art Of The Soul.

Song Premiere: "Ouroboros" by Luminous Beings

17 June 2022

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the new “Anti-Hate” single “Ouroboros” from post-hardcore band Luminous Beings, from their upcoming album ‘Horrors’ due out June 24.

Song Premiere: “Just Say So” by Sunshine Riot

15 June 2022

The Boston alt-rock band reaches cruising altitude on the first single from this September’s Sparkle Baby 2000 EP.

Song Premiere: "Black Film" by Gentlemen Rogues

14 June 2022

Gentlemen Rogues come from the fertile lands of Austin Texas with their brand of no holds barred power-pop. Big Takeover is thrilled to bring you a premiere of their new single, “Black Film”!

Video Premiere: "Nightglow" by Coo & Howl

11 June 2022

Boston’s Coo & Howl premiere their newest single “Nightglow” exclusively at Big Takeover.

Video Premiere: "Witching Hour" by Jeremy Little

10 June 2022

Invoking ravens and the afterlife, the mythological tale spun in the video for rock artist Jeremy Little’s “Witching Hour” feels like Edgar Allen Poe meets David Bowie.

Video Premiere: "Make It Summer" by Niina Soleil

9 June 2022

Niina Soleil is Los Angeles’ newest pop artist with the refreshing quality of realness. Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of the new single and video, “Make It Summer.”

Video Premiere: “Age of Anxious” by Pony Girl

8 June 2022

Pony Girl’s “Age of Anxious” explores themes of isolation in the digital age through dark comic vignettes & absurdist situations. It’s a sitcom for rats with a side of existential dread.

Song Premiere: "Harvest Moon" (Neil Young cover) by Daddy's Beemer

7 June 2022

A high speed convertible of indie rock and jangle pop, the Charleston-based outfit puts a new spin on the 1990s classic. Listen to the exclusive single premiere today — only at The Big Takeover.

Video Premiere: "I Believe in Love" by Spaghetti Eastern Music

6 June 2022

Spaghetti Eastern Music Shifts into Singer-Songwriter Mode
With New Single, “I Believe in Love”

Song Premiere: "She Sells Sanctuary" (The Cult cover) by Covert Stations

3 June 2022

Covert Stations shakes the sheets from the window on their rendition of The Cult’s long-standing arena anthem, “She Sells Sanctuary” from 1985’s Love album, for their second cover single.

Song Premiere: ‘Paris n’existe pas’ by Son Parapluie (featuring Isobel Campbell)

2 June 2022

Son Parapluie recalls late 60’s swinging Paris with Isobel Campbell, Jah Wobble & more – ‘Paris n’existe pas’, available 3rd June. Listen to the title track now!

Album Premiere: "Burn The Rails" by The Handcuffs

2 June 2022

Album stream premier of Burn The Rails, 4th studio album from Chicago’s The Handcuffs featuring Brad Elvis of The Elvis Brothers and The Romantics — a heady mix of early 1970s glam, indie, garage, art and blues rock.

Cole Degenova

Song Premiere: “Before I’m Gone” by Cole DeGenova

1 June 2022

Chicago-based keyboardist and alt-pop artist Cole DeGenova captures the feeling of fleeting youth on his new standalone single “Before I’m Gone.”

Song Premiere: "Rock N Roll" by The Shelter People

31 May 2022

The Shelter People say “Rock N Roll” saved their soul and we believe after hearing this rocker!

Video Premiere: “Cause Of My Pain” by Sons Of Silver

28 May 2022

Los Angeles-based indie rock super group Sons Of Silver premiere their latest video, “Cause Of My Pain,” a haunting track which teeters between a head-nodding bounce and a hypnotic refrain.

Song Premiere: "Juna" by Roanoke

27 May 2022

Roanoke’s “Juna,” the B-side to the single “Selene,” premieres exclusively via Big Takeover.

Song Premiere: "Too Late" by Endearments

26 May 2022

“I think breakups have these turning points where you realize things can no longer be fixed,” frontman Kevin Marksson explains. “‘Too Late’ is about those moments—recognizing when you’re being taken for granted and saying enough is enough.”

Video Premiere: "They Scream, My Head Is So Full I Can't Dream" by Dez Dare

25 May 2022

Dez Dare takes to space with his puppets in the new video for his second single for the upcoming album Ulysses Trash.

Video Premiere: "Suedehead" (Morrissey cover) by The Art Of The Soul

25 May 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Suedehead” (Morrissey cover) by The Art Of The Soul.

Video Premiere: "Yours Is a Face From a Dream" by Boris Pelekh

24 May 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Yours Is a Face From a Dream” by Boris Pelekh.

Song Premiere: “Wishing Well” (Juice WRLD cover) by Yoshi Flower

23 May 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Wishing Well” (Juice WRLD cover) by Yoshi Flower.

Song Premiere: "Suffer Peacefully" by Scary Hours

20 May 2022

NJ hardcore outfit Scary Hours return with yet another seditious social critique from their highly anticipated full-length “Symptoms of Modern Hegemony” which is due out this summer.

Video Premiere: “Me Quedo Ahí” by Así Así

19 May 2022

Chicago Latinx indie-rock band Así Así infuses traditional cumbia with dark 60s psychedelia on “Me Quedo Ahí”

Song Premiere: "Suck It Up" by The Wheel Workers

18 May 2022

The Wheel Workers’ new single “Suck It Up” premieres exclusively with Big Takeover.

Song Premiere: "Strange Shapes" by Desario

17 May 2022

Sacramento, California’s Desario premieres “Strange Shapes” with The Big Takeover, including a remix by Peter Holmström of The Dandy Warhols.

Video Premiere: "Lost In Art" by A Fragile Tomorrow

13 May 2022

A Fragile Tomorrow’s first track/video, “Lost In Art”, ahead of the highly anticipated release of their new album It’s Better That Way, (out July 15th) is the anchor of the upcoming album.

Video Premiere: "Stomp the Devil” by The Mortal Prophets

13 May 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Stomp the Devil”, the debut single by The Mortal Prophets, from their upcoming debut EP of the same name due to drop July 8.

Video Premiere: "Problem" by The Dreadnoughts

12 May 2022

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the new video “Problem” by The Dreadnoughts in anticipation of their upcoming full-length out June 24th.

Song Premiere: "Park Bench" by The Claudettes

11 May 2022

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of “Park Bench”, the second single off The Claudettes forthcoming Oct 14th release, Go Out.

Song Premiere: "Bats!" by KITIMOTO

8 May 2022

Phoenix, Arizona’s KITIMOTO premieres their charging punk single “Bats!” with The Big Takeover, imploring listeners to “pray to the sand.”

BT cover #90

NEWS: Big Takeover Issue #90 (Billy Bragg cover) About to Ship! If You Want It By Mail Straight From the Printer, Must Subscribe/Renew/Pre-Order Now! Existing Subscribers: Update Your Address ASAP!

7 May 2022

Good news! Big Takeover Issue #90 Spring 2022 with Billy Bragg on the cover has nearly been completed and will be out shortly! But hurry to order—pre-orders and subscriptions are best/crucial! (And Important!!: If you are a subscriber and you need to update your address, please tell us right away. The post office almost never forwards our issues even if you have a forwarding order in place.)

Video Premiere: "Don't Mind the Merry Go Round" by Crandelion

7 May 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Don’t Mind the Merry Go Round” by Chicago-raised and L.A.-based musician and songwriter Crandelion.

Video Premiere: "Everyday Existential Crisis" by Madeline Rosene

5 May 2022

Madeline Rosene drops her new single and video Everyday Existential Crisis

Song and Lyric Video Premiere: "I Am the Wounded" by The Bell and the Hammer

5 May 2022

On their new album The Things We Get Wrong, the Cincinnati-based, husband-and-wife duo dive deep into the reflection they see in the mirror, swimming across the landscape of college, friendships, faith, marriage and parenting to reach a new kind of clarity.

Song Premiere: "Forty Visits" by Andrew Yarovenko

5 May 2022

Yarovenko is preparing to release his debut solo LP, Start Somewhere, an evocative instrumental journey through disillusionment in the face of late-stage capitalism.

Song Premiere: "There Goes a Brooklyn Girl" by Freedy Johnston

4 May 2022

The Big Takeover is pleased to present “There Goes a Brooklyn Girl”, the first single off Freedy Johnston’s 9th album, Back on the Road to You out September 9, 2022 via 40 Below Records.

Song Premiere "LIVE AND I LEARN” by The Weird Sisters

3 May 2022

LIVE AND I LEARN from The Weird Sisters is a funk rock banger that merges the duo’s eclectic musical backgrounds.


2 May 2022

Big Takeover is pleased to premiere a new compilation to raise awareness about domestic abuse released by Mint 400 Records.

Video Premiere: “Burn It” by Ex Norwegian

30 April 2022

South Florida’s Ex Norwegian keep the music going with their 13th album, blending classic influences such as Bowie, Reed & the Kinks into an enthralling blend of alt. powerpop, stoner rock and light psychedeliia.

Album Premiere: "Never Heavy" by Never Heavy

29 April 2022

“Never Heavy” is both celebratory and contemplative — the sound of an artist getting it all right, without forgetting what it took to get there.

Video Premiere: “Brighten the Corner” by Night Court

28 April 2022

Big Takeover is excited to bring you the video premiere of “Brighten the Corner” by Night Court.

Song Premiere: “Meantime/Between Time” by Autumn Hollow

27 April 2022

Boston band, Autumn Hollow, releases their single “Meantime/Between Time,” off the Americana EP, Throw the House, due out June 17.