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The Big Takeover #79
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Skating Polly; Photo Credit: Angel Ceballos

NEWS: Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo of Skating Polly detail their band's Top 5 Videos

28 April 2017

The alternative rock/grunge pop band Skating Polly drops New Trick EP (co-written and more by Nina Gordon and Louise Post of Veruca Salt) today via El Camino Media.

Chris Price Press Photo by Kyle Safieh

Song Premiere: "Stop Talking" by Chris Price

28 April 2017

Singer-songwriter, musician, and producer Chris Price returns with the up-tempo title track off his second solo album.

Raging Fire; Photo Credit: Eric England

Song Premiere: "Hush Angel Blue" by Raging Fire

27 April 2017

The renowned 1980s rock ‘n’ roll band returns over 30 years later with an album that honors a departed member and celebrates its musical spirit.

Lemon Sky; Photo courtesy of Lemon Sky

Video Premiere: "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" (the Beatles cover) by Lemon Sky

26 April 2017

Psych-rock/prog-pop quintet Lemon Sky drops a sonically and visually trippy new video for its cover of a classic by the Beatles.

TheFuzzyCrystalsPhotoCreditANDREW MACPHERSON

Song Premiere: "Spinning" by The Fuzzy Crystals

25 April 2017

LA-based psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll band The Fuzzy Crystals drops a luminous dream-pop single from upcoming Crystal Magic album.


Video Premiere: "Broken in Two" by Anton Barbeau

24 April 2017

Veteran psychedelic singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Anton Barbeau materializes with a video for a track off his latest album Magic Act.


Video Premiere: "Dozen" by Alison's Halo

21 April 2017

Seminal shoegaze/Beautiful Noise band Alison’s Halo gets reissued by Manufactured Recordings and unveils a new video for classic track “Dozen.”


Video Premiere: "Viva Adore" by Cavalen

20 April 2017

Alabama-based rock ‘n’ roll band Cavalen drops a story-telling and performance-oriented video for its new fiery track.

Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live ... And More

NEWS: Concert Film and Album Celebrating Big Star out April 21st

19 April 2017

Members of R.E.M., Wilco, Yo La Tengo, and many more celebrate renowned and influential band Big Star with an album and live concert film.

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians; Photo Credit: Angela Clement

Video Premiere: "Holy Life" by The Stevenson Ranch Davidians

18 April 2017

American psychedelic rock/folk/Americana stalwarts The Stevenson Ranch Davidians bow a new video from their upcoming album.

Jimmy Urine; Photo Credit

Song Premiere: "Symphony 7 Allegro Mvt 2" (Beethoven cover) by Jimmy Urine

18 April 2017

The frontman for electro-punk act Mindless Self Indulgence (and soon as Half-Nut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) goes solo with movie/video game compostions.

Max's Kansas City: 1976 & Beyond

Song Premiere: 'Take A Chance" (live) by Sid Vicious & The Idols

17 April 2017

The legendary Sid Vicious and the band The Idols close out Max’s Kansas City: 1976 & Beyond retrospective comp with a rough and raw live version of “Take A Chance.”


NEWS: Sarah Shook of Sarah Shook and the Disarmers reveals her Top 5 Musical Influences

14 April 2017

Sarah Shook of North Carolina’s country/punk band Sarah Shook and the Disarmers details her Top 5 Musical Influences.

Sharkmuffin; Photo Courtesy of Sharkmuffin

Song Premiere: "Scully is a Sharkmuffin" by Sharkmuffin

13 April 2017

Brooklyn (by way of the Jersey shore) duo Sharkmuffin unleashes a raw and searing, The X-Files-themed rock track off upcoming album.

The Royal Oui; Photo Credit: The Royal Oui

Song Premiere: "All About You" by The Royal Oui

12 April 2017

Canadian-American folk-pop duo The Royal Oui drops a catchy, upbeat electro-inflected single from its upcoming second album.


Video Premiere: "Coney Island Days" by Bruce Sudano

12 April 2017

Long-time hit songwriter Bruce Sudano (husband of the late Donna Summer) unveils a poignant video for a song off his upcoming album.

TheUse and Rachel Mason - photo credit Michael Durek

Song Premiere: "Sand Dunes" (The Use remix) by Rachel Mason

11 April 2017

Experimental multi-media artist extraordinaire Rachel Mason teams up with electronic/theremin musician The Use on a moody new single.

The Foreign Resort photo credit Scott Vezina

Song Premiere: "Skyline/Decay" by The Foreign Resort

11 April 2017

Danish post-punk/darkwave band The Foreign Resort dives into a shoegaze-driven number from the Alternative (F)Acts compilation album that benefits #RESIST causes.

The Black Watch; Photo Credit: Brendan Holmes

Song Premiere: "Satellite" by the black watch

10 April 2017

John Andrew Fredrick of the indie rock band the black watch unveils the restless and gritty closing track off its upcoming (15!) album.

The Sneetches; Photo Credit: Erik Auerbach

Song Premiere: "Julianna Why" by The Sneetches

7 April 2017

1980/90s melodic power pop mavericks The Sneetches gets its first retrospective album that includes five previously unissued tracks.


Song Premiere: "Everybody's Watching" by The Blackfoot Gypsies

6 April 2017

Nashville-based roots rockers The Blackfoot Gypsies serve up hearty rock ‘n’ roll on an energetic single off their upcoming album.

System Corporation; Photo Credit: Mark Hamilton

Video Premiere: "Dismal Universal Hiss" by System Corporation

6 April 2017

The New Zealand band releases an indie rock single and video with powerful sonics and socially relevant lyrics.

The Hooten Hallers; Photo Credit:

Song Premiere: "Dig" by The Hooten Hallers

5 April 2017

The Gothic Americana / punk / rock ‘n’ roll wild bunch drops a culturally-relevant grimy grinder from its upcoming debut album.


Song Premiere: "Toys For The Devil" by Last Giant

5 April 2017

Portland, Oregon-based rock ‘n’ roll band Last Giant drops a performance-oriented video for a track off its recent album.

Clustersun; Photo Credit: Clustersun

Video Premiere: "Raw Nerve" by Clustersun

4 April 2017

Italy’s shoegaze-influenced Clustersun unveils a performance video for its post-punk/noise rock lead single off its upcoming album.

JPTR; Photo Credit: JPTR

Song Premiere: "Polyamorhythm" by JPTR

4 April 2017

Swiss avant-pop duo JPTR, who only use meticulously crafted drums and vocals, drops a vibrantly rhythmic single from its upcoming album.

The Dream Eaters; Photo Credit: Jason Speakman

Video Premiere: "Astral Asshole" by The Dream Eaters

3 April 2017

The Brooklyn-based dream-pop duo drops an exclusive live-in-studio performance of a compelling and dreamy track from its upcoming LP.

Amy Duncan; Photo Credit: Steven Cook (Oliver Samuel Photography)

Album Premiere: Antidote by Amy Duncan

31 March 2017

Scottish singer-songwriter Amy Duncan releases a warmly uplifting folk pop album that touches the heart, opens the mind, and revives the spirit in these troubled times.

John Lee Hooker; Photo courtesy of Concord Music Group

NEWS: Whiskey & Wimmen: John Lee Hooker's Finest compilation album out March 31

30 March 2017

Vee-Jay Records, and the world, celebrate blues/“King of the Boogie” legend John Lee Hooker’s birth year with a compilation of classics.


Song Premiere: "Pulsus" by Billow Observatory

29 March 2017

Danish producer Jonas Munk and Jason Kolb of Auburn Lull bring their ambient, patterned specialities to their new music project.

Micah Gaugh; Photo Ciredit: Byron Dean

Video Premiere: "Remembering" by Micah Gaugh

28 March 2017

Prolific creative collaborator and solo artist Micah Gaugh unveils a chill new video for his jazz-imbued tune “Remembering”.

Two Hicks One Cityman - photo credit Barbara Zilli

Song Premiere: "Lonely Times" by Two Hicks One Cityman

28 March 2017

Italy’s Two Hicks One Cityman fuses blues with space rock on the title track off its forthcoming album.


Song Premiere: "Don't Go It Alone" by Buttercup

27 March 2017

South Texas indie rock band Buttercup releases a reflective, but catchy and harmonious single from its upcoming album.

Derrick Anderson; Photo Credit: Scott Prestwood

Song Premiere: "When I Was Your Man" by Derrick Anderson

24 March 2017

The Bangles and Dave Davies bassist Derrick Anderson goes solo on a collab album that features input from Matthew Sweet, The Bangles, The Smithereens, The Muffs, The Cowsills, and more.

King Ropes; Photo courtesy of King Ropes

Video Premiere: "Shovel and a Pickaxe" by King Ropes

23 March 2017

Indie garage-rock band King Ropes isn’t afraid to get grimy, digging into a gritty single and video from its latest album Dirt.

Bettie Serveert; Photo Credit: Mark Bakker

Video Premiere: "Unsane" by Bettie Serveert

22 March 2017

Dutch cult indie band Bettie Serveert delivers a video for a track off recent album Damaged Good (with limited edition vinyl on Record Store Day).


Video Premiere: "Worlds Will Fall" by The Spider Ferns

22 March 2017

Seattle-based down-tempo electronic pop duo The Spider Ferns drops a relevant story-telling video from its recent EP.

Zombies - Odessey and Oracle

Final tour of original Zombies line-up commences in the U.S.

21 March 2017

49 and a half years after the original line-up split, all four surviving original members (R.I.P. guitarist Paul Atkinson), Colin Blunstone lead vocals, Rod Argent keyboards/vocals, Chris White bass/vocals, and Hugh Grundy on drums, have begun a rare farewell U.S. tour together; so rare, it’s only the second time they’ve done it—and the first time was 2015! It’s even more rare when you consider the original line-up only came over once in its young, commercial peak. Best of all, from now until April 29, they are once again performing the high water mark of their existence, 1968’s extraordinary, justly lionized, soft-psych masterpiece Odessey & Oracle start to finish to mark the 50th anniversary of its recording.

Cait Brennan; Photo Credit: Greg Allen

Song Premiere: "Benedict Cumberbatch" by Cait Brennan

20 March 2017

Transgender indie rock/power-pop singer-songwriter Cait Brennan gives an ex the kiss-off on the spiritedly upbeat “Benedict Cumberbatch”.

Mike Furey of Dangerous Muse; Photo Credit: Dalton Flint

Song Premiere: "Electric Eternity" by Dangerous Muse

17 March 2017

NYC-based electronic rock project Dangerous Muse, led by songwriter and vocalist Mike Furey, unveils the lead single from its electrifying new album.

A Thousand Hours; Photo Credit: A Thousand Hours

Album Premiere: Endless Grey by A Thousand Hours

16 March 2017

Alaskan slow-core dream-pop band A Thousand Hours delivers a continuously hypnotically absorbing debut album.


Video Premiere: "You Rebel, You" by Joseph & The Beasts

16 March 2017

Joseph & The Beasts reveals a haunting video for its recent single which touches upon feelings of loss and memory.

Allelujah; Photo Credit: Angela Marklew

Video Premiere: "Chariots on Fire" by Allelujah

15 March 2017

Music project Allelujah (Andy Byers of Minus Story and Lucas Oswald of Shearwater) unveils an enigmatic video for its latest single.

INHALT;Photo Credit: Geoff Smith

Song Premiere: "Walking on Glass" by INHALT

14 March 2017

San Francisco-based trio INHALT delivers a razor-sharp Kraut-rock influenced, industrial number from its upcoming album.


Song Premiere: "Throat" by I Am The Polish Army

13 March 2017

Brooklyn-based heavy rock band I Am The Polish Army packs a powerful punch on its latest single.


Video Premiere: "The Grand Experiment" by The Neal Morse Band

10 March 2017

Renowned progressive rock act The Neal Morse Band releases Morsefest 2015, a 2-concert, 2 Blu-Ray or 2 DVD and 4 CD set on Radiant Records.

ROBES; Photo Credit: Nathaniel Shannon

Song Premiere: "Lay Low" by ROBES

9 March 2017

Brooklyn-based, classic rock-inspired post-hardcore band ROBES lays down a heavy, but tuneful single.


Song Premiere: "Worn Skin" (Jürgen:Die Krupps remix) by Bestial Mouths

8 March 2017

Darkwave act Bestial Mouths gets remixed by Jürgen Engler of renowned German industrial band Die Krupps to menacing, yet melodic effect.

The Veldt - photo credit Ed Marshall

Song Premiere" "And It's You" by The Veldt

7 March 2017

American shoegaze mainstays The Veldt unveil a new dream-pop track with production from Rudy Tambala of A.R. Kane.


Song Premiere: "The Descent" by Bloody Knives

6 March 2017

Hardcore noise-rock band Bloody Knives drops a killer industrial electronic cut off its upcoming album White Light Black Moon.