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The Big Takeover #84
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Teleportal - Photo Credit: Yuya Ohashi

Song Premiere: "The Organizer" by Teleportal

20 August 2019

Experimental rock band Teleportal (with members of Hovercraft, Schema, Sulaco, more) drop an impassioned, fiery track from their upcoming LP.

Jimbo Pap - Photo Credit: Emilia Pare

Song Premiere: "String Of Pearls" by Jimbo Pap

19 August 2019

L.A.-based Americana band Jimbo Pap release a heartfelt and plaintive ballad with dual vocals from their upcoming root rock album.

Golden Ghost

Album Premiere: The Big Sleep: Future by Golden Ghost

16 August 2019

NYC-based singer-songwriter Laura Goetz unveils her dreamy and haunting fifth full-length that incorporates a post-Earth narrative and journey.

Fake Figures - Brad Alexander

Song Premiere: "Hole In The Sky" by Fake Figures

16 August 2019

SoCal melodic hardcore band Fake Figures (formed by Atreyu’s guitarist Travis Miguel) unleashes an exhilarating and soaring rager.

Photo by Pia Hannah

Song Premiere: "Iron Efficiency" by EXEK

16 August 2019

“Melodically it occasionally sits somewhere between a horror film score and funk. Concurrently there’s also some sensuous guitar. An odd pairing but it works.” – Albert Wolski

Pet Fangs

Album Premiere: Ultra Deluxe by Pet Fangs

15 August 2019

South Louisiana garage-pop band Pet Fangs unleash a wildly lively and fun ride through the electro-rock and synth-pop genres.

Phantoms vs Fire 2 by Thiago  Desant

Video Premiere: "Broken Innocence" by Phantoms vs Fire

14 August 2019

Brazilian ambient soundscape artist Phantoms vs Fire (AKA Thiago Descant) unveils a dreamy, yet foreboding video set in the natural world.

Jonny Morgan

Video Premiere: "Your Touch" by Jonny Morgan

14 August 2019

British indie rock/pop artist Jonny Morgan drops and engaging performance video for a vibrant single off his upcoming debut EP.

Sebastian Straw - Photo Credit: Luca Faustinella

Video Premiere: "My Friend" by Sebastian Straw

13 August 2019

Italian singer-songwriter/musician Sebastian Straw drops a Britpop-tinted video for a track off his upcoming album on Seahorse Records.

Johanna Kuvaja - photo by Jari Sokka

Song Premiere: "Shower" by Johanna Kuvaja

13 August 2019

Finnish pop singer-songwriter Johanna Kuvaja pulls through personal and health problems to get back into music and release a saucy single.

Jenn Vix; Photo Credit: Reybee Inc.

Video Premiere: “Rover” by Jenn Vix

13 August 2019

Veteran electronic pop/rock multi-instrumentalist Jenn Vix releases a mysterious video for a thought-provoking track off her latest record.

Rob Laufer – Photo Credit: Diana Laufer

Video Premiere: “Hippie Love” by Rob Laufer

12 August 2019

Veteran musician, songwriter, and producer Rob Laufer unveils a far-out, ‘60s-steeped video for a track off his upcoming LP.

Johnny Stranger – Photo Credit: Madelynn Elyse

Song Premiere: “Follow In My Footsteps” by Johnny Stranger

12 August 2019

Veteran prog/alt-rock musician Peter Anthony returns with a powerful and culturally relevant track after a decade’s hiatus.


Album Premiere: Painting Blue by Amy LaVere

9 August 2019

Memphis-based Americana singer-songwriter Amy LaVere releases a heartfelt, stirring, thoughtful, and fun album via Nine Mile Records.

Wingtips - Photo Credit: Alexus McLane

Song Premiere: "Here and Now" by Wingtips

8 August 2019

Chicago-based darkwave duo Wingtips unveil a swooning and contemplative track from their upcoming debut LP via Artoffact Records.

Blue Glass

Video Premiere: “We Loved the Rain” by Blue Glass

8 August 2019

Recording as the post-punk/New Wave project Blue Glass, Michael Shunk of Transient Songs drops a Pacific NW-influenced video.

Nyles Lannon - Photo Credit: Flip Baber

Video Premiere: “Dreamer (Alex Kemp Remix)” by Nyles Lannon

7 August 2019

Psych-pop singer-songwriter Nyles Lannon (Film School) unveils a compelling feverdream video created by filmmaker Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation).

K Michelle DuBois

NEWS: Atlanta's K Michelle DuBois presents a high energy summertime single

6 August 2019

Atlanta-based indie pop artist K Michelle DuBois presents an upbeat and fun summer single with accompanying video.

Wayne Hussey - Tour dates

NEWS: The Mission's Wayne Hussey announces U.K. and European tour

6 August 2019

Wayne Hussey, frontman of legendary*The Mission*, announces European tour dates with alt-rocker Ashton Nyte of The Awakening and UK tour dates with dark ethereal artist Evi Vine.

Beau Jennings & The TIgers – Photo Credit: Ryan Magnani

Video Premiere: "The Thunderbird" by Beau Jennings & The TIgers

6 August 2019

Veteran musician Beau Jennings (Cheyenne) returns with his band The TIgers and drops a classic, resonant rock ‘n’ roll single.and video.

Guest Directors - Photo Credit: Don Farwell of Earwig Studio

Video Premiere: "Minor Mendings" by Guest Directors

5 August 2019

Seattle-based indie rock band Guest Directors unveils a new video that captures the vibrant tumult of a track off their latest LP.

Twinfolds 2

Album Premiere: Meet You At Dinner EP by Twinfolds

2 August 2019

Australian indie rock band Twinfolds releases a thoughtful, diverse EP that includes a scathing, electrifying and culturally relevant number.

Jonny Couch – Photo Credit: Kelsey Wagner

Album Premiere: Mystery Man by Jonny Couch

1 August 2019

Brooklyn-based synths-driven artist Jonny Couch (and former punk rock drummer) reveals a diverse and vibrant, neo-noir-inspired debut LP.

Scoville Unit - Photo Credit: Valentina Isleib

Video Premiere: "Beach Song" by Scoville Unit

31 July 2019

New Jersey-based rock band Scoville Unit drops a surf’s up summertime video for a tuneful track off their upcoming self-titled LP.

Stanley Duke & The Kindred Spirits

Video Premiere: "Collagen" by Stanley Duke & The Kindred Spirits

31 July 2019

U,K. rock musician Stanley Duke (Lost Dawn) unveils his Kindred Spirits project with a dreamy, glam number from his upcoming LP.

THe River Drivers - Photo Credit: Ron Donocoff

Song Premiere: "Children’s March (Mother Jones)" / "Going Once" by River Drivers

31 July 2019

Celtic-influenced indie folk/rock band River Drivers deliver a double A-side with a social, historical, and deeply personal message.

Luis Mojica - Photo Credit: Devin Elijah

Video Premiere: "The Ranger" by Luis Mojica

30 July 2019

Mesmerizing singer-songwriter Luis Moijca releases a deep track and video about her personal journey towards enlightenment.

Jonathan/Christian - Dark Hallways

Video Premiere: "Clearer" by Johnathan/Christian

30 July 2019

L.A.-based darkwave/post-punk project Johnathan/Christian drop a powerful video about religious corruption for a track off their recent LP.

Black Ferns – Photo Credit: Trevor Crump

Song Premiere: “Empty Lips” by Black Ferns

29 July 2019

Seattle-based post-punk duo Black Ferns unveils a dreamily captivating track off their upcoming second LP.

Spider - live

Song Premiere: "Energy Gone Wrong" by Spider

26 July 2019

SoCal classic punk band Spider ensnare listeners with the propulsive and exhilarating title track off their new EP out today.

Jack West

Album Premiere: For the Record by Jack West

26 July 2019

New York-based rock ‘n’ roll musician Jack West delivers and assured and mature debut album that belies his age (14 years old!).

Society of the Silver Cross

Video Premiere: "Take A Ride" by Society of the Silver Cross

25 July 2019

Seattle-based post-metal, mystical duo Society of the Silver Cross unveil a hypnotic video for a track off their recently released LP.

Bus Stop Poets

Album Premiere: Leave it to the Kids by Bus Stop Poets

25 July 2019

Detroit-based roots rock band Bus Stop Poets release an engaging second album that alternates between folk, soul, and Americana genres.


Song Premiere: "Medicine" by TENTS

24 July 2019

Northwest indie pop band TENTS unveil a lyrically poignant and melodic single off their upcoming second LP via Badman Recording Co.

Beach Bums - Photo Credit: Herbert Guevara

Song Premiere: "Years" by Beach Bums

24 July 2019

Los Angeles’ hybrid genre (punk, rock/hip-hop) collective Beach Bums drops a winding, post-rock-leaning title track off their upcoming LP.

A Picture Made

Song Premiere: "Heal" by A Picture Made

23 July 2019

Veteran Midwest rock band A Picture Made release a 3-part thematic track made up of the core three songs on their latest album.


Song Premiere: “When Can I See You Again?" by Beehive

22 July 2019

Northern California sharp punk duo Beehive (members of Terry Malts, Shutups) create a buzz with a desperate and scrappy lead single.

Ryan Traster - Photo Credit: Kimberly Traster

Album Premiere: Choses Obscures by Ryan Traster

19 July 2019

Cosmic-country singer-songwriter Ryan Traster unveils a captivating, lyrically restless second full-length album via Slow Start Records.

Dax Pierson

Album Premiere: Live in Oakland by Dax Pierson

19 July 2019

Storied musician and producer Dax Pierson shines a light on his and other disabled artists’ creativity with an immersive and inventive LP.

The Parlotones

Video Premiere: "Antidote" by The Parlotones

18 July 2019

Internationally known South African indie rock band The Parlotones drops a vivid narrative video for a track off their latest adventurous LP.

Richard Spitzer

Album Premiere: Richard Spitzer by Richard Spitzer

17 July 2019

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Richard Spitzer (Loveskills) releases his lyrically timely debut album that aims to unite and enlighten.

Anton Barbeau - Photo Credit:Julia Boorinakis Harper

NEWS: Anton Barbeau fires up the cabaret in new lustrous video

16 July 2019

The renowned psych-pop singer-songwriter drops a dazzling video for a single from his latest album that caps off an LP trilogy.

Brick Briscoe

Album Premiere: From Lucky Point To Père Lachaise by Brick Briscoe

16 July 2019

Musician and radio & TV personality Brick Briscoe releases a sincere and perceptive album after battling cancer and traveling through the U.S. and France.

MountainsLikeWaxHannah Hall

Video Premiere: "Messed Up Your Hair" by Mountains Like Wax

16 July 2019

Nashville-based post-/indie rock duo Mountains Like Wax has built up an engaging video for a recent catchy and heartfelt single.

The Cult of Lip

Video Premiere: "A Glow" by The Cult of Lip

15 July 2019

Minneapolis-based psych-/shoegaze duo The Cult of Lip unveil a dreamy video for a driving, distorted post-punk track off their latest EP.

Little Slugger - Photo Credit: Meera Jagroop

Album Premiere: I Want to Live Here Forever by Little Slugger

12 July 2019

Brooklyn (by-way-of-Vermont) indie pop/rock band Little Slugger hit it out of the park with their dynamic and engaging debut album.

Michael Paul Lawson

Album Premiere: Some Fights You Never Win by Michael Paul Lawson

12 July 2019

Virginia-based Americana singer-songwriter Michael Paul Lawson drops a heartfelt and vibrant debut album that deals with real life relationships.


Video Premiere: "Carnival" and "Otherworld" by Mercvrial

11 July 2019

International shoegaze/dream-pop-band Mercvrial drop videos for two dreamy and melodic tracks from their upcoming EP.

Versus - live - Photo Credit: Chris Sikich

Song Premiere: "Gravity" by Versus

11 July 2019

Renowned and influential ’90s indie rock band Versus returns with a vibrant and spacey stunner from their upcoming full-length album.

Salt - Photo courtesy of Beehive Records

Video Premiere: "Crime Spree" by Salt

10 July 2019

Tasty supergroup Salt (Ken Stringfellow, Anton Barbeau, and Stéphane Schück) stirs up an enjoyable performance video for a track off their latest album.