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Big Takeover #85 - Vivian Girls
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Wayne Everett

Album Premiere: Two Ghosts by Wayne Everett

3 April 2020

Musician Wayne Everett (Starflyer 59, The Prayer Chain, The Lassie Foundation) weaves a captivating spell on his album.

Crazy & The Brains

Video Premiere: "I Don't Deliver Pizza Anymore" by Crazy & The Brains

2 April 2020

North Jersey/New York punk rockers Crazy & The Brains deliver a tasty slice of video animation for a garage-pop track off their upcoming EP.

Jack Swing

Song Premiere: "Whether I Do" by Jack Swing

1 April 2020

Pittsburgh-based blues/rock/funk hybrid band Jack Swing releases an exuberant and rhythmic single from their upcoming EP.

Victor DeLorenzo

NEWS: The Violent Femmes drummer Victor DeLorenzo releases Tranceaphone EP

31 March 2020

DeLorenzo, who is also part of chamber rock outfit Nineteen Thirteen, dropped his compelling and restless new EP on March 19th.

Martin Bisi

Video Premiere: "Let It Fall" by Martin Bisi

31 March 2020

Renowned veteran Brooklyn-based experimental musician and producer Martin Bisi returns with a tripped out track from his latest LP.

Bromide - Alastair Indge 2

Video Premiere: "I'll Never Learn" by Bromide

31 March 2020

London-based noise-pop/rock band Bromide deliver the ’90s indie rock/pop-inspired goods on a lyrically meaningful animated video.

True Body

Song Premiere: "Youth Hotel" by True Body

30 March 2020

Virginia-based Goth-pop/post-punk band True Body deliver a mesmerizing and noir track from their upcoming debut LP via Funeral Party Records.

Outward 2

Album Premiere: I Will Be Something by Outward

27 March 2020

Outward (AKA Corey Philpot) blends shoegaze, grunge, alt-rock, and dream-pop on a vivid and dreamy to heavy second LP via Somewherecold Records.


Video Premiere: "High-Rise Mannequins" by Seablite

26 March 2020

Bay Area fuzz-dreampop band Seablite return with a 10” EP and a prescient new video for the EP’s sweet and driving title track.

The Warlocks

Video Premiere: "Dear Son" by The Warlocks

26 March 2020

Renowned psych-rock band The Warlocks, who return soon with their 10th studio album, drop a compelling story-telling video.

The Bobby Lees

Video Premiere: "Move" by The Bobby Lees

25 March 2020

Woodstock, NY-based garage rock ‘n’ roll band The Bobby Lees drop an energetic performance/on-tour video for a lively track off their upcoming LP.

The Holy Knives 2

Song Premiere: "Love Runner" by The Holy Knives

24 March 2020

San Antonio, TX-based desert psych-rock noir outfit The Holy Knives (made up of two brothers) unveil a hypnotic and bewitching single.

The Bye Bye Blackbirds

Video Premiere: "If It Gets Light" by The Bye Bye Blackbirds

23 March 2020

Bay Area veteran psych-rock band The Bye Bye Blackbirds take wing with a rockin’ track and Jonathan Segel- (Camper Van Beethoven) directed video.

New Primals

Album Premiere: Horse Girl Energy by New Primals

20 March 2020

Minneapolis-based noise rock/dance-punk trio New Primals release their bold and electrifying debut album via Learning Curve Records.


20 March 2020

Musicians are especially hard-hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share on all sales today, March 20th, with all profit going directly to the musicians. Please support struggling musicians NOW!

the Silent Boys

Video Premiere: "Last Time" by the Silent Boys

19 March 2020

Veteran guitar-based pop/rock band the Silent Boys return with an engaging performance video for a catchy jangle pop track.


Video Premiere: "Like Gold To Me" by BELLSAINT

18 March 2020

LA-based indie pop singer-songwriter BELLSAINT delivers a winning performance video for a lovely retro-pop track from her latest EP.

Frank Lenz

Video Premiere: "Metatronix" by Frank Lenz

17 March 2020

SoCal-based veteran drummer/composer Frank Lenz recently released his latest instrumental LP and drops a cool new performance video.


Song Premiere: "All My Plants Are Dead" by crush

16 March 2020

Manchester, England indie shoegaze/dreampop band crush deliver a delightfully shining, wistful, and lyrically timely second single.

So Pretty

Album Premiere: VS Me by So Pretty

13 March 2020

Chicago-based garage punk band So Pretty mix it up on a personal/socio-politically relevant hybrid LP that adds piano ballad and spoken word touches.

The Flatmates

Album Premiere: The Flatmates by The Flatmates

13 March 2020

UK punk-influenced indie pop band The Flatmates formed in 1985 – and 34 years later they’ve released their spirited and tuneful debut album.


Video Premiere: "ZZEERRO (Dying for You to Get Rich)" by BLXPLTN

12 March 2020

Socio-politically-charged future punk duo BLXPLTN really do detonate on an aggressively blasting track/video from their upcoming LP.

Anthony da Costa

Song Premiere: "Not Every Lover" by Anthony da Costa

11 March 2020

Indie folk singer/songwriter Anthony da Costa unveils an engaging and sonically uplifting track from his upcoming second solo LP.

The Zombies

NEWS: The Zombies present live 'Time of The Season' rendition ahead of Swedish, UK, American tour dates

10 March 2020

The Zombies have released a live version of their hit song ‘The Time of The Season’. Recorded at Abbey Road in 1967 and released in 1968, the track was a worldwide chart-topper

Mayflower Madame 2

Video Premiere: "Swallow" by Mayflower Madame

10 March 2020

Norwegian psych noir/post-punk band Mayflower Madame gears up for Prepared For A Nightmare LP with new single/video “Swallow.”

Margaret Chavez 2

Video Premiere: "The Croupiers Unite I.C.E." by Margaret Chavez

10 March 2020

Austin, TX-based freak folk/rock outfit Margaret Chavez (led by Marcus Striplin) releases a timely and important socio-political missive.

Eldridge Rodriguez

Video Premiere: "Your Dead Boyfriend" by Eldridge Rodriguez

9 March 2020

Boston-based rock/post-punk band Eldridge Rodriguez drops a potent performance video for a rousing and heartfelt track off their new album.

The Gloomies

Album Premiere: ARE WE GETTING BETTER? by The Gloomies

6 March 2020

SoCal/NYC indie music project The Gloomies (the brainchild of Andy Craig) unveil their hazy, downtempo popwave second album.


Song Premiere: "Glass Brick Window" by Flower

6 March 2020

Veteran NYC post-punk/noise pop band Flower returns after thirty years with an upcoming album out via Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Holy Kerouac

Song Premiere: "Caved In" by Holy Kerouac

5 March 2020

Clarissa Rodriguez and collaborators recording under the moniker Holy Kerouac unveil a nostalgic and heartfelt track from their upcoming EP.

Colin Jones

Video Premiere: "Let Me Be" by Colin Jones

5 March 2020

“Let Me Be” is a new rockin’ cautionary tale of a single from California (by way of Sydney, Australia) artist Colin Jones.

The Rezner 2

Video Premiere: "Wouldn't You Like To Know?" by The Rezner

4 March 2020

UK indie rock/punk band The Rezner have burst onto the scene with their high-octane live shows and tuneful, dynamic singles out via Jam X Recordings.

I Am A Rocketship 2

Video Premiere: "My Nature" by I Am a Rocketship

3 March 2020

Swedish-American electro-pop/rock hybrid duo I Am a Rocketship release a video for a catchy and driving track off their upcoming LP.

Jonny Polonsky 2

NEWS: Jonny Polonsky will release his Kingdom of Sleep album March 6th

3 March 2020

The NYC-based singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer recently unveiled a new single and video ahead of the album’s release.

Sam Rosenthal

NEWS: Black Tape for a Blue Girl releases remastered, expanded edition of seminal album

3 March 2020

Projekt Records founder Sam Rosenthal, mastermind behind Black Tape for a Blue Girl, releases the 30th anniversary edition of Ashes In The Brittle Air.


Video Premiere: "Manatee" by CLIFFFS

2 March 2020

Texas-based garage rock band CLIFFFS (led by John Dufilho of Deathray Davies and Cantina) release an enthusiastic performance video.

Close Lobsters - collage

Album Premiere: Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera in the Forest of Symbols by Close Lobsters

28 February 2020

Scottish indie music band Close Lobsters return with a new album packed to the gills with tuneful jangle pop, indie rock, and post-punk numbers.

Fur Coats

Album Premiere: Dystopia Sherbit by Fur Coats

28 February 2020

Austin-based rock band Fur Coats (founded by Marc Ruvolo, the owner of Johann’s Face Reocrds), unleashes a spirited and tuneful LP.

The Cravats

Song Premiere: "Now The Magic Has Gone" by The Cravats

27 February 2020

Renowned veteran British post-punk band The Cravats release a deliciously wicked track featuring Jello Biafra from their upcoming LP.

Mark Vickness

Video Premiere: "Grey Skye" by Mark Vickness

26 February 2020

Modern fingerstyle guitarist Mark Vickness unveils a beautifully mellifluous and thoughtful baritone guitar composition from his upcoming LP.

Beauty In Chaos

NEWS: Beauty in Chaos gets wonderfully gothic with Curse Mackey in new single

25 February 2020

Michael Ciravolo’s massive collaborative music project adds another contributor in the form of Curse Mackey for a wickedly delightful video.

Ender Bender

Song Premiere: "Star Killer" by Ender Bender

25 February 2020

Europe-based synth-pop artist Ender Bender (AKA Eddie Olguin) drops his up-tempo indie pop debut single off his upcoming EP.

Kyle Hollingsworth

Song Premiere: "Step" (Vampire Weekend cover) by Kyle Hollingsworth

25 February 2020

Kyle Hollingsworth, keyboardist of the renowned The String Cheese Incident, reveals his psychedelic take of a Vampire Weekend track.

Freezing Cold 2

Video Premiere: "Teenage Insights" by Freezing Cold

24 February 2020

New York-based indie/punk rock band Freezing Cold drop a fun narrative video for a vibrant and heartfelt track off their debut album.

The Informations

Video Premiere: "Strange Habits" by The Informations

24 February 2020

Danish sound-crafter Frederik Tao unwraps an absurd, Monty Python-esque video for a jittery/flowing hybrid track from his upcoming LP.

Aaron Beckum 2

Album Premiere: Songs From a Triangle Room by Aaron Beckum

21 February 2020

LA-based singer/songwriter and filmmaker Aaron Beckum releases his Jason Lytle-produced (Grandaddy) LP via Devil in the Woods.

Howardian 2

NEWS: Art-pop/punk outfit Howardian drops new album via Rad Girlfriend Records

21 February 2020

Howardian, led by Ian Vanek (ex-Japanther), just released their melodic and driving 7th album via Rad Girlfriend Records.


Video Premiere: "Daydream" by Loveblind

20 February 2020

Shoegaze/dreampop supergroup (members of Saint Marie Records, Seasurfer, Crash City Saints, and Whimsical) deliver a brooding new video.

Low Hums

Video Premiere: "Cosmic Fruit" by Low Hums

19 February 2020

Seattle-based garage rock ‘n’ roll/psych-pop band Low Hums unveil a trippy kaleidoscopic-view video for a brooding track off their latest LP.


Video Premiere: "Crystal Waves" by Easy

19 February 2020

Easy, one of Sweden’s most notable indie groups, releases an engaging new music video for a track off their upcoming album.