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Big Takeover #81 Fall 2017
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Song Premiere: "Sir Excellent" by Nightmare Air

21 February 2018

L.A.-based shoegaze band Nightmare Air resurfaces with its 2nd single from highly-anticipated upcoming album Fade Out.

RedBlackRedPhotoCreditAngela Fernando

Video Premiere: "The Scientist" by Red Black Red

21 February 2018

New Jersey electronic/rock project Red Black Red releases an a wild video game-themed video for an intense track off its upcoming album.

Moonshine Booze 3 - photo credit Lama Donna

Song Premiere: "No Mas" by Moonshine Booze

20 February 2018

Italian ethno-punk/alt-country band Moonshine Booze explores bluegrass and and rodeo rock and its latest genre-blending single.

RacquetPhotoCreditArjan Sudick Emery Becker

Song Premiere: "Sundown" by Racquet

20 February 2018

Indie pop singer-songwriter Sapphire Jewell, who records as Racquet, releases a new single featuring her rich, plaintive vocal delivery.


Video Premiere: "Field Rep" by Azalia Snail

19 February 2018

Ahead of the release of her latest album, Neon Resistance, art pop creative Azalia Snail unveils a new video for a surrealistic pop single.


NEWS: Sonny Rollins' Way Out West reissued as 2-LP deluxe edition via Craft Recordings

19 February 2018

Living legend/tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins changed the shape of jazz and released a series of landmark recordings over his career.


Video Premiere: "JoAnna" by Neal Morse

16 February 2018

Renowned singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and progressive rock composer Neal Morse bows an engaging video for a song from his new solo album.

Low Valley Hearts

Album Premiere: Pictures of Your Mind by Low Valley Hearts

16 February 2018

Altanta, GA with European roots synth-/art rock project Low Valley Hearts reveals its classically inspired, synths-driven, psychedelic debut album.

Sloan - Photo Credit: Corbin Smith

Video Premiere: "Spin Our Wheels" by Sloan

15 February 2018

Renowned Canadian indie rock/power pop band Sloan releases a lyrics video for the second track off its highly anticipated twelfth studio album.

AloudPhotoCreditDavid Burlacu

Video Premiere: "Falling Out of Love" by Aloud

14 February 2018

Pop/rock band Aloud breaks hearts with a compelling video for its retro-R&B-infused ballad lifted up by powerful and soulful vocals.

Chris Price - Dalmatian

Song Premiere: "Roller Coaster" by Chris Price

14 February 2018

Prolific singer-songwriter/musician/producer Chris Price returns with a second, retro-rock-leaning album within a year.

Panophonic - Mandy McGee Photography

Album Premiere: Endlessly by Panophonic

13 February 2018

Philadelphia-based indie rock act Panophonic (AKA multi-talented Tom Lugo) brings a profound wall of sound on captivating new LP.

Paul Littlewood - photo credit John Fuller

Song Premiere: "Today" by Paul Littlewood

12 February 2018

Yorkshire, England-based singer-songwriter Paul Littlewood delivers a warm and sincere song from his new double A-side single.

Stax Singles, Vol. 4

NEWS: Stax Singles, Vol. 4: Rarities & The Best Of The Rest out now

12 February 2018

This 6-CD box set caps the popular series with a look at renowned Memphis label Stax’s multiple imprints in celebration of its 60th anniversary.

Twin Ritual 2

Album Premiere: Hand Through The Mist EP by Twin Ritual

9 February 2018

Synth-pop/post-punk act Twin Ritual reveals its dancing-inducing grooves and thought-provoking lyrics on its debut EP.


Song Premiere: "Hollow" by Champanes

9 February 2018

Russian dream rock band Champanes goes the stoner pop route (and originates the descriptive term?) on its heavy-dreamy new single.

VETOPhotoCreditKristoffer Juel

Song Premiere: "16 Colors" by VETO

8 February 2018

Danish alternative/electronic rock group VETO unveils another captivating number from its upcoming fourth studio album.

The Black Delta Movment - Photo Credit: Syd Young

Song Premiere: "King Mosquito" by The Black Delta Movement

7 February 2018

UK garage/psych-rock duo The Black Delta Movement delivers a dynamic cut from its upcoming album.

Stonerpop Brandon Bowman

Song Premiere: "Headglow" by Stonerpop

7 February 2018

Louisiana native electronic/synths-based psych duo Stonerpop releases a hypnotic, yet vivid new tune off its trance-inducing upcoming album.

Broads - Photo Credit: Matthew Tullett

Song Premiere: "Let Me Take it From Here" by Broads

6 February 2018

Norfolk, England-residing electronic duo Broads unveils its rich and layered second single from its upcoming sonically diverse album.

6 String Drag_photo credit Rodney Boles

Song Premiere: "Red" by 6 String Drag

6 February 2018

Seminal Americana band 6 String Drag returns with a reissue of 1997 classic album High Hat and a new album in March.

Stock Footage - Little Hurricane

Song Premiere: "Little Hurricane" by Stock Footage

5 February 2018

NYC-by-way-of-Chicago indie rock/punk act Stock Footage drops the dynamic lead-off single from its upcoming second EP.


Song Premiere: "Medicine Man" by ASHRR

5 February 2018

Art rock singer-songwriter ASHRR delivers an atmospheric synths-based number that focuses on his heavy and haunting vocals.

The Scenics - Photo Credit: Mike Young

Video Premiere: Live at WFMU's Monty Hall by The Scenics

2 February 2018

The Big Takeover premieres seminal punk/rock band The Scenics’ WFMU concert in full and musician/author Peter Aaron reviews the impressive gig.

Dave Goddess Photo credit Peter Gourniak

Video Premiere: "Last of the West Side Cowboys" by Dave Goddess Group

2 February 2018

NYC rock ‘n’ roll band Dave Goddess Group releases a classic rock EP and drops a new video for its title track.

Amanda Brown

Song Premiere: "Believers" by Amanda Brown

1 February 2018

Singer-songwriter/performer Amanda Brown (NBC’s The Voice, Season 3) delivers an energetic and powerful first single from her highly anticipated debut album.

Lake Ruth

Song Premiere: "Julia's Call" by Lake Ruth

31 January 2018

NYC’s Baroque/psych-pop band Lake Ruth unveils a lovely, bittersweet, psych-tinged track from its upcoming second album.


Video Premiere: "Showing My Face" by ShapeShiftingAliens

30 January 2018

Swedish experimental/indie act ShapeShiftingAliens (AKA Niklas Rundquist and J.P. Cleve) delivers an eccentric new video.

Maff - photo credit Simon Gallardo

Song Premiere: "Desfile" by Maff

30 January 2018

Chilean guitar-based, indie rock band Maff reveals its first Spanish-sung song off of its upcoming second album.


Album Premiere: Exercise The Demon EP by The Cabin Fever

30 January 2018

Indie rock/folk band The Cabin Fever emphasizes lyrical turmoil and subdued emotions and sonics on its second EP (which is reviewed here too).

Steve Barton pc Brandon Schott

Song Premiere: "Little Rule Breaker" by Steve Barton

29 January 2018

Veteran singer-songwriter/musician Steve Barton (Translator) returns with an ambitious and varied triple album.


Album Premiere: Blood Orange Moon by Felsen

26 January 2018

Oakland, CA-based indie pop/rock band Felsen unveils its fifth reflective and captivating album, out soon via Mystery Lawn Music.


Video Premiere: "Time That It Takes" by Bummerville

25 January 2018

Garage rock/punk act (project of prolific musician Daniel Brady Lynch) Bummerville drops a video for a new rough, but tuneful track.

Echo Bloom

Song Premiere: "The Duke" by Echo Bloom

24 January 2018

Pop-rock act Echo Bloom (the music project of Kyle Evans) releases an Americana-steeped number off its new album.

The Velvet Hands - Only Blame Myself

NEWS: New Video from British garage rock band The Velvet Hands

24 January 2018

Rising British indie garage rock band The Velvet Hands release a single and accompanying video from its upcoming debut album.


Song Premiere: "Present:Tense" by Nostalgist

23 January 2018

Seattle rock band Nostalgist straddles the line between shoegaze and post-punk on an atmospheric tune off of its upcoming album.

LowDown Brass Band

Video Premiere: "Dividends" by LowDown Brass Band

23 January 2018

Hip-hop/jazz/world music hybrid group LowDown Brass Band drops an involving video for a vibrant number off its new album.

Luther Russell by Savannah Spirit

Song Premiere: "The Sound Of Rock & Roll" by Luther Russell

22 January 2018

Veteran singer-songwriter/musician Luther Russell (Those Pretty Wrongs) will be releasing an anthology of his work, as well as a new album.

Reptilians From Andromeda

NEWS: Album teaser for Dialogues For Monkeys by Reptilians From Andromeda

22 January 2018

Turkish garage rock/punk band Reptilians From Andromeda scream for revolution on its new gritty and grungy debut album.


Album Premiere: Passion Relapse by Ampline

19 January 2018

Indie/garage rock band Ampline (including Mike Montgomery of R.Ring) delivers its 5th LP of raw, propulsive, and tuneful tracks.

Kristin Hersh photo credit Peter Mellekas

Video Premiere: "Wonderland" by Kristin Hersh

19 January 2018

Renowned singer-songwriter/musician and author Kristin Hersh unveils a new video for a tune off her most recent, critically lauded album.


Song Premiere: "Will U Cry?" by The Outside Voices

18 January 2018

Rustbelt rock band The Outside Voices unveils a gritty to psychedelic, vibrant rock number off its upcoming EP.

The Hanging Stars Michael Wood

Song Premiere: "On A Sweet Summer's Day" by The Hanging Stars

17 January 2018

UK-based cosmic/psychedelic folk outfit The Hanging Stars channels the sweet sounds of The Byrds and Big Star on its new single.

Eraldo BernocchI  photo credit Petulia Mattioli

Song Premiere: "Those Glorious Days" by Eraldo Bernocchi & Chihei Hatakeyama

16 January 2018

Eraldo Bernocchi and Chihei Hatakeyama join forces on an upcoming LP and new ambient and ethereal single.

DreamSystem8PhotoCreditPolly Antonia Barrowman

Song Premiere: "Heather Runs The Marathon" by Dream System 8

16 January 2018

Veteran musicians Erica Elektra (Hearts of Palm UK) and David Klotz (Fonda, TV show music editor) pair up on new synthwave project.

Math and Physics Club

Song Premiere: "Broadcasting Waves" by Math and Physics Club

15 January 2018

Pacific Northwest indie pop band Math and Physics Club gets inspired by the Posies on its latest charming, melodic single.


Video Premiere: "Look At Me" by David Myles

15 January 2018

Canadian singer-songwriter/musician David Myles draws from American roots music on his latest single and upcoming 10th album.


Song Premiere: "Devil's Level" by Dwarves

12 January 2018

Seminal punk band the Dwarves returns with an explosive, but melodic track off its upcoming album on Burger Records.

Duran Duran - Girls on Film 1979 demo (cover)

Album Premiere: Girls on Film 1979 Demo EP by Duran Duran feat. Andy Wickett

12 January 2018

Andy Wickett, the original frontman of Duran Duran, gets his due with Cleopatra Records’ release of an EP of early band demos.


Video Premiere: "Gut Splinter" by Nova Flares

12 January 2018

Jason Wagers (The Corridors), recording as Nova Flares, drops a hazy imagery video for his debut jangle-pop/surf rock single.