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The Big Takeover Issue #90

Innika La Fontaine

Innika La Fontaine is a freelance journalist based in Ottawa, Canada. She has contributed artist profiles, reviews and interviews to music and culture publications ever since she realized she could make a living going to shows and chatting with the people on stage. She has interviewed G.B.H., Sia and La Roux, amongst others, and because her first album was the GenesisWe Can’t Dance (Atlantic) one of her greater aspirations is to chat with Phil Collins. When she’s not between her left and right earphone, she can be found at basement punk shows, thrift shopping, checking her email or sorting her cassette collection.

Blonde Redhead

Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead: The New Minimalists

5 April 2011

Big Takeover chats with Kazu Makino about their new album, skepticism and a certain song we might be hearing in the next Twilight film production.


Riffs, Reverbs And The Rebirth Of Akron/Family

28 March 2011

After an internal shake-up, a period in creative limbo and a self-described rebirth the trio are back with a new album that sounds like a rain forest hoe down on acid.

Sister Crayon photo by Eliot Lee Hazel

Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon

27 January 2011

Four kids from Sacramento are likely to be the next success story to come out of the Californian house show scene with their ethereal, contrasted and layered melodies. Sister Crayon vocalist Terra Lopez opens up about humble beginnings, dreams for the future, and her Jeff Buckley obsession.

Pat Thetic of Anti-Flag

Pat Thetic of Anti-Flag

7 October 2010

These straightedge vegan punks have voiced and fought fervently for their leftist sociopolitical beliefs since emerging as angry, outspoken kids in the early ‘90s. Co-founder and drummer Pat Thetic sat down during their recent Canadian tour to discuss the elements that keep Anti-Flag alive: activism, punk and politics.