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Bonnaroo 2016 (Wednesday)

Bonnaroo 2016
9 June 2016

A 9 hour trip down to Manchester, Tennessee was not one that I expected to take this summer. It was one that was filled with long stretches of country road, long traffic jams, and the hint of excitement that I could sense from passing cars, their trunks and roof boxes bursting with camping equipment. “The Farm”, the affectionate name for Bonnaroo Music Festival, hosted from June 9th-12th this summer, is a special place. A festival filled with attractions such as a water slide, Ferris wheel, a small booth dedicated entirely to bacon- it’s a quirky combination of excellent vendors, odd attractions and booths, and fantastic music. Headliners this year include Dead and Company, Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie, LCD Soundsystem, and much more. Staggered over a 4 day time period, it attracts a like minded crowd of thousands, pouring in from all across the nation and abroad to witness some of the best names in music, live, in the hot summer sun of southern Tennessee. Not much occurred on Wednesday, for the exception of our arrival, a scene of mass organized chaos that impressed me to no end, followed by a stumbling attempt to correctly set up a tent in the dark- needless to say, Wednesday was far from exciting. The real excitement begins on Thursday, where I have interviews planned with Twin Peaks and The Floozies, both groups that I find to be excellent examples of the state of good, “small name” bands in today’s largely corporate music world. Armed with a Canon Rebel G and Instagram, not only will I deliver interviews, set lists, and play by plays, but also a brief snapshot into a festival that has been revered by festival-goers for the past 15 years. I’m glad you’re coming along for the ride.