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The Big Takeover Issue #90
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BT30 first night DJ sets

The Avengers
31 July 2010

It was a great honor and a pleasure to be able to provide music before, between, and after the great bands that played the first night of the Big Takeover’s 30th Anniversary festival at Bell House. Here are my playlists, with the performing bands also listed to provide context.

Set 1:
“The Big Takeover” – Bad Brains
“Hold Me Up” – Velvet Crush
“Slow Fade” – Teenage Fanclub
“Big Mouth Strikes Again” – The Tree People
“Marginal Over” – The Wilderness
“His Good Looking Girlfriend” – Undertones
“What’s Mine Is Yours” – Sleater-Kinney
“Reptilians” – Old Time Relijun
“Too Many Creeps” – Bush Tetras
“On the Floor” – Mary Timony
“The Face I Want to See” – Spherical Objects
“Lost” – The Mary Onettes
“Police on My Back” – The Clash


Set 2:
“Out in the Street” – Versus
“Sons of the Burgess Shale” – Bell Hollow
“Out” – Liquid Liquid
“Pace or the Patience” – Love of Diagrams

Libertines U.S.

Set 3:
“Dancer in Your Smile” – Karen & the Compulsives
“Dreamsucker” – Grooms
“Leaving” – Even Worse
“Tin Birds” – Blank Dogs
“Union Feed Grain Mill” – Big Trouble House
“Lovesick Teenagers” – Bear In Heaven
“Crash” – The Primitives


Set 4:
“Menagerie Keeper” – Springhouse
“Ageless Beauty” – Stars
“Prague” – Mega City Four


Set 5:
“Son of Mustang Ford” – Swervedriver
“I Believe” – Buzzcocks
“Living with Unemployment” – Newtown Neurotics

Channel 3

Set 6:
“Ode to Joy” – The Adicts
“Living in the ’80s” – Zero Boys
“How Much Longer” – Alternative TV
“Pussy and Money” – Dictators
“Streets of London” – Anti-Nowhere League
“How Ya Feelin‘” – Negative Trend
“Razors in the Night” – Blitz


Set 7:
“Cut” – Minutemen
“Not Moving” – DNA
“Hands Flail” – Beg for Eden
“Scooped Brain in a Cup” – Melt-Banana
“Independence Day” – Comsat Angels
“Mario and Peaches” – Caffe-In
“Sunday Afternoon Whiteout” – Live Skull

Photograph of The Avengers at The Bell House by Jim Santo.