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The Raveonettes with Melody's Echo Chamber - Union Transfer (Philadelphia) - Thursday, October 4, 2012

12 October 2012

I consider The Raveonettes to be perhaps my favorite band of the last decade and though I’d seen them on 3 separate occasions before this show, this was the first-time I’d ever seen them play a full, headlining set. It was worth the wait. Though the show started out a bit weakly (esp. a butchered version of new album Observator‘s brilliant “She Owns the Streets”) and though there some sound issues early on, it really got going when they played “Love with a Trashcan” (from 2005’s Pretty in Black) and the energy just went through the roof from there. Another highlight was “Aly Walk with Me”, the opening track from 2008’s Lust Lust Lust. I think the speakers are still smoking from the heat generated by the version that was played and it’s over a week later. There was a lot of material from Observator and a range of material from just about all of their previous albums. “This is the One” (from 2009’s In and Out of Control) and the set-closer, “Cops on Our Tail” (complete with “fuck you” outro and singer/guitarist Sune Rose Wagner flipping off the audience afterwards as they went offstage) was mesmerizing as well.

Otherwise, the only complaint I can think of is that I would’ve liked to hear more songs from 2003’s Chain Gang of Love (they only played “Remember”, its opening track) as well as something from the recent, great “Into the Night” EP. That’s just being nitpicky, though. After some initial difficulties, The Raveonettes put on a commanding performance and I’d happily go to see them again.