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"Other Stuff" with Heart

21 February 2007

Hello. I’m going to be an “other stuff” guy here at I love music, and plan to write about it, but there are a lot of people here who are more current and more fanatical than I am, who can point you to rare and undernoticed gems or provide brilliant context for the music you just discovered yourself (in fact, this writing is the reason I like coming in here in the first place, and the reason I agreed to write for the site). But I’ll be writing about some of the technology issues surrounding music, and the business questions that get raised as technology evolves. I’ll be talking about the evolution of the web and the emergence of the user-generated or “social” web, and how that relates to our experiences as music lovers. I’ll be talking about gadgets and devices that give us more or better choices. I’ll talk about legal developments. In short, I’ll talk about all the other stuff.

My background, in brief: I live in New York, but grew up in California. I’ve been a two-time technology entrepreneur, a Silicon Valley tech lawyer, a staff attorney at a non-profit and (briefly) a producer of theater. In various stages of life I’ve played the piano, the clarinet, and the tenor saxophone. I’ve sung a little bit and used to be a musical theater geek (that along with the computer fixation made me very popular in high school).

I think The Big Takeover is a fantastic resource for those who love genuine music, and I’m glad to be a small part of it.


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