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Twin Peaks

Bonnaroo 2016
9 June 2016

Founded in 2009, Twin Peaks is a garage-punk band hailing from Chicago. With musical influences like The Pixies and The Smith Westerns, it’s a wasted opportunity to not see them live, and I was fortunate enough to do so at Pitchfork 2014. I had the opportunity to speak with the band today, and this is what they had for me-

CONNOR BURGESS: So I didn’t realize you guys went to both Jones College Prep and Lane Tech, I know tons of kids from there!

CADIEN: Yeah, I went to Jones, but Clay and Connor went to LT, that’s kinda how we got together.

CONNOR BURGESS: Chicago has always had a big punk scene, would you say growing up in the city had any influence on your sound?

CADIEN: Chicago is a city with a temper- a chip on its shoulder, so yeah, I think it did.

JACK: Yeah no, we definitely got influenced by the city, it’s such a wild place, how could you not, you know?

CONNOR BURGESS: I had the opportunity to see you guys at Pitchfork- one of you almost hit me with your guitar, who was that again?

(Clay laughs) CLAY: Oh shit sorry, that was me

JACK: I was yelling at him, “No no no no no”, and then he just did it.

CONNOR BURGESS: So was Wild Onion released yet? I wasn’t quite sure

CADIEN: Yeah almost, like a few months before, yeah.

CONNOR BURGESS: So you guys have always had a Pixies influence, could you elaborate a bit on that?

JACK: We saw them actually


CADIEN: At the Aragon- we were smoking some blunts, we got super high, didn’t realize Jacks dad was like 8 rows back.

JACK: Yeah, they did the whole Doolittle play through

CONNOR BURGESS: So you guys went to Evergreen State, you always beat DePauw at radio, were any of you guys involved in it?

JACK: We had a radio? I had no idea, we dropped out after like three months. When was it, we got the call for our record deal?

CADIEN: Like a week after school started

JACK: Like at the time, it was a super big deal, so we all had to drop out. I don’t regret it at all.

CONNOR BURGESS: So do you guys enjoy being on the road?

JACK: We’re road dogs. Gotta do it to make money, and we don’t make a ton of money as it is. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d love to tour in like, Asia or Hawaii though, that’s the dream.

CONNOR BURGESS: Favorite Chicago venue? Little stupid, but figured it would be a good wrap up question

JACK: The Empty Bottle

CADIEN: Yeah, The Empty Bottle

CONNOR BURGESS: Thanks so much guys, your Chicago crowd really loves you.

JACK: Well tell them thank you, from us.


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