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The Big Takeover Issue #91
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This week's "Big Takeover on Breakthru Radio" show: new Guided By Voices, Doug Gillard, Roddy Frame, old Roy Rogers, and more!

26 May 2014

Once again, for those who greatly enjoy our Big Takeover Magazine print issues and this site (I hope that means you!), you might enjoy my weekly radio show too (new show every Monday), as I play a ton of stuff that is covered in our pages and here as well, both old and new:

This week’s show Tafter a little 1939 Gene Autry: Guided By Voices (new), Doug Gillard (new), Bevis Frond, Roddy Frame (new), Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers, Dum Dum Girls, The Rifles, Kaleidoscope, Elvis Costello, Rudi, The Last, The Johnny Burnette Trio, The Joykiller, I Was a King, Minor Alps, Trick Mammoth, Bubblegum Lemonade, Go-Betweens, and Electric Light Orchestra. Why not listen?

This week’s amusing song is a pre-rock ‘n’ roll classic of the 40s era, in this case a western song (in the true sense of that word), 1946’s “Tumbling Tumbleweeds “ by Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers —that’s my favorite track this show. I also tell a (hopefully) amusing story about listening to that song and others like “Back in the Saddle Again,” “Dust,” and “There’s a Love Note in my Lariat” while driving through northern Arizona and through Sedona 12 years ago, and how fitting that felt. My other favorite is the Kaleidoscope tune, part of a set of songs by people interviewed in the new Big Takeover issue 74, because I used to put that song on every mixed cassette tape I made there for a while a few decades ago. What a ’60s song!

And I think the Johnny Burnette Trio song will be fun for many who recognize much later covers of that original.

Also, as I remind in this space every week (‘cause I think it’s important to reiterate), iif you want to hear any of my previous shows, you can go to my page on the site, and all 307 previous shows (and our several “Rabid Sessions show” can be heard at your leisure there as well!) Many hours of fine music, since we never repeat the same song twice!

Enjoys, ladies and gentlemen! And animals! And inanimate objects!