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The Big Takeover Show - Number 227 - May 27, 2019

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DJ Jim and DJ Jack Rabid
Sebadoh – Medicate (Act Surprised) brand new
Bad Religion – Lose Your Head (The Age of Unreason) brand new
The Illicits – In What World (single)
Submotile – Amped and Faded (Ghosts Fade on Skylines)
Madness – Shut Up (single, 7) 1981
The Fourmyula – I Can Show You (bonus track, The Fourmyula) recorded 1968, released 2014
Yvonne Fair & James Brown Band – I Found You (single) 1962
Dj Jim and DJ Jack Rabid
The W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band – Round World (b-side “Stepping Stone”) 1966
The K’s – Glass Towns (single)
Fontaines D.C. – Hurricane Laughter (Dogrel)
Sleaford Mods – O.B.C.D. (Eton Alive) new
Sleeper – Dig (The Modern Age) new
Tommy & the Commies – So Happy (Here Come)
Ray Charles – Greenbacks (Ray Charles) 1957
DJ Jack Rabid
Shana Cleveland – Invisible When the Sun Leaves (Night of the Worm Moon) new
Jane Weaver – Mission Desire (Loops Variation) (Loops in the Secret Society) brand new
Fawns of Love – Divine (Permanent) new
Fotoform – If You Fall (Part Time Punks Session EP)
Mammoth Penguins – Quit My Job (There’s No Fight We Both Can’t Win)
The Shadows – Apache (single) 1960
Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys – I Hear You Knockin’ (b-side, “Ten Gallon Boogie”) 1947
DJ Jack Rabid
The Undertones – Oh Please (Get What You Need) 2003
Leatherface – Books (Minx) 1993
The Stranglers – Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front) (Black and White) 1978
The Descendents – Marriage (Milo Goes to College) 1982
Black Flag – White Minority (Everything Went Black) recorded 1978, released 1983
The Weirdos – Pagan (Weird World Vol. 1 1977-1981) 1980
The Damned – Stretcher Case Baby (original version) (single) 1977
Flipper – Life (Generic Flipper) 1982
The Specials – Breaking Point (Encore) brand new
DJ Jack Rabid
Vashti Bunyon – Where I Like to Stand (Just Another Diamond Day) 1970

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