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The Dirty Truckers - The Tisbury Joneser (Rum Bar)

7 June 2022

Some rock & roll bands do the leopard thing, by which we mean they don’t change their spots. That’s because a band like the Dirty Truckers doesn’t need to – four chords, cranked amps and hearts on sleeves were good enough for their forebears, and, by jiminy, those things are good enough for them. For some people that makes the Truckers and their fourth album The Tisbury Joneser unimaginative, but what it really makes them is dependable, and that’s a compliment. Singer/songwriter Tom Baker knows how to make loud, roots-informed, bar band rock & roll tunes that catch your ear, nod your head and, when you’re not looking, tear up your eye, and that’s just fine. More than fine, frankly – Baker and the Truckers do this very well, making them more than just comfort food and more like a staple of a healthy diet. Memorable bashers like “I Feel Nothing,” “Just Forget It” and “Keep It in the Vault” feel so right, just like Alabama. The band also lays down smoking versions of the Rolling Stones’ “All Down the Line” and R.L. Burnside’s “Georgia Women” – neither one easy to convincingly pull off. So give thanks for the Dirty Truckers – that straightforward brand of rock & roll that thankfully never dies is in good hands. One question, though: what the heck is a Tisbury Joneser?