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The Hellacopters - Eyes of Oblivion (Nuclear Blast)

29 March 2022

The first album from the Hellacopters in fourteen years kicks off with exactly the kind of bang you’d want from this reunited Swedish action rock institution. “Reap a Hurricane” blasts out of your speakers with a catchy riff, attitude-laden lyrics, double guitar solos and enough energy to power the sun. Though there have been a couple of lineup changes, with original guitarist Dregen rejoining in place of the late Robert Dahlqvist and leader Nicke Andersson’s Imperial State Electric bandmate (and Datsuns leader) Dolf de Jorst coming in on bass, The Eyes of Oblivion sounds pretty much the way every ‘copters record sounds, with ten tracks that celebrate that sweet spot between Detroit power rock, New York punk, Southern rock and Motörhead. The band throws in a few twists for flavor – cf. Dregen’s bluesy ballad “So Sorry I Could Die” (probably inappropriate for the guitarist’s other band Backyard Babies but just right here) or the glam rock stomp of “Tin Foil Soldier.” Otherwise, “Positively Not Knowing,” “The Pressure’s On” and the title track do what the ‘copters do best – supercharge rock & roll until you can’t help but dance around the room, throwing your head back and air guitaring ‘til you collapse. Rock!