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Art Brut - Art Brut vs. Satan (Downtown)

23 April 2009

I didn’t think that EDDIE ARGOS would be able to write more than one fine album given that all of his songs are about music, excessive drinking, or relationship foibles, but here we are at #3 and he and his bandmates are still going strong. A few new topics are added: the joys of public transportation, love of comic books and milkshakes (well, okay, that’s really about being eternally youthful), working.

Argos is as witty and quotable as ever: “I fought the floor and the floor won”; “cool your warm jets Brian Eno”; “how am I supposed to sleep at night, when no one likes the music I like?” (in the same song that gives the album its title and also contains the line “on your visa it says entertainer/you’d better step it up or they’re going to detain ya”); and “if you want me sober and straight/I’m gonna have to be a little bit late.”

But this ain’t poetry, so some credit to the four guys in the band who play instruments, who shift between chirpy punk and chipper post-punk, utterly unadventurous, nothing that wasn’t done 30 years ago, but sounding thoroughly enjoyable and thrillingly enthusiastic. Kudos as well to producer FRANK BLACK, who gives them the raw, energetic sound they need while undoubtedly thrilling them all just by working with them.