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BIIPIIGWAN - Something for Everyone; Nothing for Anyone (Independent)

3 February 2014

Having followed Ottawa’s doom/sludge behemoths BIIPIIGWAN since their 2012 EP Nibaak , I was pretty stoked at seeing they have a new full length out. Something for Everyone; Nothing for Anyone brings the band to new depths of grim while ascending to new levels of production. From opener “Man” through the Sourvein – worthy dirge of my personal fave “Shkweyaang”, the production is appropriately thick and meaty but without being overdone, just enough grit left on the table to keep the edges sharp and dangerous. Production and mixing of this beast was done expertly by one of O-town’s metal lights, Fuck The Facts’ Topon Das , gives the foundation solid weight and depth for the songs to deliver the appropriate pummeling.
Musqwaunquot Rice and Mike Shrives, both here credited with guitar, bass and vocal duties are backed up by drummer Steve Vargas also known for his tenure in mighty Montreal doomers The Great Sabatini. The trio make assured and destructive steps with every crushing track on this album, a new watermark in menacing, cathartic neo-doom. All the power you want and need in a record, plus the cover art is a sick compliment to the twisted treasures within.