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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Blue - III: "Kappa Crusis" (Love Earth Music)

Blue III Kappa Crusis
3 October 2013

For their third release, Los Angeles-based Blue delivers thirty and a half minutes of lo-fi harsh noise reminiscent of Japanese greats Aube and mid-80s Merzbow.

Subtitled “Pts. 1~99,” the lone track, “Kappa Crusis,” is a series of short noise pieces sewn together. Blasts of static accompany grating metal, churning electronics and hyper-distortion, creating a realm of frenetic energy that doesn’t let up for the entirety of the album. Occasional pauses bring a breath of release and then it hits again, strong, focused and unapologetically brutal, a sonic attack that decimates sound, pulverizing it into controlled chaos. Best get out of the way or risk becoming collateral damage.

Harsh noise doesn’t have to be mindless mayhem. When harnessed and manipulated by someone who understands sound instinctively, it can be a truly fulfilling experience. In this, Blue succeeds. Turn up “Kappa Crusis” and enjoy pure sound destruction.


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