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The Big Takeover Issue #82
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Brad Pot - Brad Pot (Slovenly)

Brad Pot Slovenly
1 March 2017

Melbourne, Australia’s Brad Pot deliver a positively scorching debut full-length that continues the legacy of Oz punk greatness.

Brad Pot is like that eagerly sought-after Killed by Death compilation delivering a seamless stream of trash hits until the needle’s stuck in the lock groove and you’re sitting there hoping for another song. Their sound draws from the sonic attack of KBD legends such as Gasoline, Kraut, Authorities, The Lewd, 84 Flesh and Shock, with just a requisite Down Under nod to early Scientists, Cosmic Psychos and Onyas. Even the over-three-minute (WOW!) “Black Eye” struts with The Heartbreakers’ dope swagger. Expect crashing drums, relentless bar chords, a bass player who’s probably the best musician in the group and maniacal vocals heaping loads of sneering frustration in your face – all with just a tad of melody, of course.

Punk rock never went away. It was always there lurking in the shadows, but most people were too smugly satisfied to recognize the anger brewing just beneath the surface. Well, here it is…Brad Pot…the soundtrack to drinking yourself into oblivion because tomorrow will only suck worse…


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