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Buffalo Killers - Heavy Reverie (Sun Pedal)

Buffalo Killers Heavy Reverie
21 May 2014

Every time a band releases a new album, it proclaims the new work its best so far. For Buffalo Killers, that claim is absolutely right – every LP is literally better than the last. That holds true for Heavy Reverie as much as anything in their catalog, as the Cincinnati quartet what it does best, only more so. The band’s expertise has its roots in the 70s, when arena-ready hooks, warm crunch and creamy harmonies held sway over various parts of the radio. In the Killers’ case, however, they do all these things at once. Heavy rockers a la “Who You Are” and “Poisonberry Tide” sport alluring vocal backups, while prettier folk rockers like “Shake” and “This Girl Has Grown” include enough muscle to banish any hints of wispiness. “Sandbox” adds a shot of silky psychedelia to the mix, making an already melodic treat even more enticing. By polishing the more accessible parts of its sound to a blinding shine while retaining its inherent grit, Buffalo Killers strikes irresistible gold on Heavy Reverie.


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