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Careful – Oh, Light (Sounds Super Recordings)

1 June 2010

The nom de pop of songwriter/instrumentalist ERIC LINDLEY, CAREFUL is the latest entry in the bedroom pop sweepstakes. That’s a warning flag to a lot of folks – who needs another self-absorbed introvert on the racks, right? But Careful is worth more than casual dismissal. Lindley certainly has the lonely vibe of late night recording sessions, with volume barely above a whisper so as not to wake the neighbors. But his background in classical composition, visual art and electronics (both the musical and robotic kinds) give Oh, Light the feel of another world. Cuts like “Scrappy,” “Fox and His Friends” and “New Life” are like eavesdropping on the intimate musings of an extradimensional alien still working out this thing called emotion. Enigmatic and lovely.


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