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Cosines - "Hey Sailor Boy!" 7" (Fika)

Cosines Hey Sailor Boy Fika
30 January 2014

Hailing from London, Cosines offer a brief glimpse into their multifaceted repertoire with two songs that could come from two different bands.

“Hey Sailor Boy!” is a romping cabaret number with shades of orc pop. Vocalist Alice Hubley snarls in a sexy strut, a confident “girl pirate” warning of the dangers of falling in love with her. Touches of Sgt. Pepper’s strings make it a fun, but sad song, a ship that’s doomed to sink no matter what.

On the flipside, “The Answer” delivers a bit of motorik pop rock blatantly derived from Stereolab circa Mars Audiac Quintet. It may not be the most original thing on the planet, but it’s a great song that stays in the head long after it’s over – in a good way.

This is obviously just the beginning of a group who is destined to grow strong throughout the years. Keep an eye out.