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Daydream Machine - The Show Must Not Go On (Picture In My Ear)

Album cover for The Show Must Not Go On by Daydream Machine.
11 March 2017

It is my pleasure to review this new release from Portland, Oregon’s psychedelic gurus, Daydream Machine. This is their second album and was tracked at Gregg Williams’ studio The Trench. It’s no surprise that the Dandy Warhols also recorded there, or that one of them (Peter Holmstrom) plays guitar on one of the tracks. I say no surprise, because one listen to the groovy opening track “You Know Who” will send you deep into Dandies sonic territory. From the fuzzy guitars to the echoing vocals, you may well be reminded of those other psych folks from Portland. The song is woefully short, and I wish it went on a few more minutes. “Falls Out of View” is gorgeous right out of the gate, with glorious, swooning layers and warm rushes of organ, a bit of tabla, and drawn out vocals. It’ll ensnare you with its siren song, and you’ll never want it to end. I love the lead guitar lines soaring over all, and tying it all up nicely. “25:Thirty” has cool keyboards, wailing harmonica, and the odd mutterings of vocalist Jsun Adams. It’s a companion piece to classic 60s psych blues, and sounds like it could have been recorded in those halcyon days.

The title track is an extended mini jam with interesting elements percolating through at different points, but the brilliant use of trumpet is what makes it really stand out! It’s an instrument I love, and it’s so classy. “Ciggy Stardust” is not just a cute play on words, it’s also a kaleidoscopic wonder of a song, the sort of soft psych I crave. “Modern Prophecy” is all about the groove, and the organ and bass set the scene. It’s turn on and tune out music, and soon you’ll be lost inside this great tune, head bobbing and toes tapping. “Coup De Grace” is a favorite tune of mine and is a short, sweet, fast moving tune. “Tiny Galaxies” is splendid and features some really swell tenor saxophone as well as Picture In My Ear label head and Chatham Rise guitarist Collin Axell. Groovy! The ninth song is not listed on the CD cover and is merely called “Unlisted”. It is only a tad over a minute long and is a tiny farewell to this wonderful record. In summary, this is a fulfilling and pretty record. Fans of all forms of psych will find something to love here.

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