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Drowner-You're Beautiful, I Forgive You (Saint Marie Records)

Debut album from Drowner
21 July 2013

I’ve scoured the web for information on the mysterious Drowner, and have to wonder if they are one of the best kept secrets in dream pop, or should we call it “dreamgaze”. Drowner is the brainchild of guitarist Darren Emanuel and vocalist Anna Bouchard, and their debut album is out on Saint Marie Records on August 13th. I’ve listened to it a bunch of times, and certain other bands come to mind, but nothing really screams ‘copycat’, unlike other bands in this genre.

Certainly they’ve filtered the likes of The Cocteau Twins, JAMC, and maybe even Experimental Aircraft, but none of those bands are mentioned on their Facebook page. Largely, this is another one of those sonic experiences where you can hear what you will. You can revel in the shimmering guitars and the wall of feedback driving such lovely tunes as “Stay With Me”, bliss out to the piano driven “You” or let your mind wander with the beautiful ambience in “Not There”.

When you get right down to it. most dream pop and shoegaze has its roots in psychedelia, so if like me you’ve been in love with that genre for decades, you’re likely to enjoy this release. Count it as another good release from the superb Saint Marie label.


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