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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Empty Flowers - Five (The Path Less Traveled/Atomic Action)

Empty Flowers Five
31 October 2013

Though Empty Flowers was formed by ex-members of defunct sludgecore act Cable, the East Coast-based quartet doesn’t indulge in amp-frying heaviosity on its second album Five. Instead the Flowers put one foot in jangle and the other in jagged for a lesson in tuneful postpunk. “Five,” “Quit” and “Time Feeds the Dose” bristle with tension while keeping tones clean; “The Water” burns with a fuzzier fury. “I Get to Know Its Name” revels in singalong tunefulness and “Carfires” and “Trained Not to Worry” slow the tempo, but neither betray a trace of sap. If there’s any complaint, it’s the brevity – at eight songs and 22 minutes, the record is over before you know it. But with songs as good as these, it’s difficult to claim that Five leaves anyone unsatisfied.


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