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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Engineers – Three Fact Fader (Echo/K Scope)

17 December 2009

It’s been four years since the highly acclaimed debut album by Britain’s ENGINEERS. Finally, after the usual business-angled speed bumps and creative ebb and flow, comes Three Fact Fader, the band’s second release. It was worth the wait; the album is a flat-out gorgeous set of psych-tinged shoegazer pop tunes, like a collaboration between SLOWDIVE and the ZOMBIES. Deliberately paced rhythms carry dreamy melodies, while SIMON PHIPPS croons over wave upon wave of reverbed, echoed, distorted guitar. “Clean Coloured Wine,” “Hang Your Head” and the title track flow like orange blossom honey over burnt toast, with just the right balance of sweet and bitter. As with so many albums of this type, the songs work best when heard together – this is an album in the old-fashioned sense of a unified statement. That said, if you’ve any doubts, skip to “Brighter As We Fall,” which wraps up the glory of Engineers in one magnificent ball of dreams. Three Fact Fader is that rare sophomore album that builds upon and betters the accomplishments of its predecessor.


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