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Equimanthorn - A Fifth Conjuration (Black Montanas)

Equimanthorn A Fifth Conjuration Black Montanas
3 May 2011

Though originally formed as a side-project of occult extreme metal band, Absu, the constantly (r)evolving lineup of Equimanthorn has established itself as its own entity with its own dimensional chaos. This fifth full-length release shows these musickal magicians constantly refining their sound, but staying true to the original ideas behind the band.

Far from the black/death/thrash metal of Absu, Equimanthorn exists more in the dark/ambient realm. Their earliest releases were Throbbing Gristle-esque orgiastic conjurations, invocations and evocations, but now things are sparser, more minimalistic. The vocals, now eerie distant voices reciting occultist poetry, have been cut back to only two tracks: “Kneeling to the Throne of Winter (Confidence and Lust)” and “Nanna’s Dreaming (The Endless Night of Crucifixion)”. Synthesizers, still the main instrument, are focused drones and creepy effects, background noises recalling ancient rites of Sumeria, Babylon and Egypt, perhaps a genetic memory from the origins of civilization.

This is the darkness of Lustmord, the uneasy time-traveling journey of Roman Saenko‘s Dark Ages, even a bit of Burzum‘s neo-classical pagan folk in places. Blood Box, Yen Pox and early Maurizio Bianchi also come to mind. This is not music for head-banging, social activity or good vibes. It’s what you put on while combing over the books in your occult library.

This is the perfect soundtrack for Aleister Crowley‘s The Book of the Law. Frater Perdurabo would be proud.


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