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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Full Color Dream – What Do I Owe You EP (Self-Released)

Full Color Dream What Do I Owe You cover art
25 February 2018

I have a soft spot for succinct post-hardcore EPs and thankfully Full Color Dream have released What Do I Owe You because I needed it. No new ground is broken here but putting all the pieces together from late 80s and early to mid-90s (before the bubble burst) alternative rock/ hardcore/ post-hardcore is not always done this well.

“Baby Blue” is a fuzzed-out distortion filled song similar to those offered by the less angular sides of Jawbox. “Owe You” feels familiar with its take on a melancholy emo track. “Ghost Teeth” brings the crunch and mid-tempo drumming underneath aching screams overlaid with, literally, scratching guitars, which really reminds me how much I love Handsome’s only self-titled album from 1997. “Night Noon” closes the set out on a high note: faster paced, grungy riffing, intentionally off kilter vocals, like someone blended eights parts Nirvana and two parts (fill in your favorite 80s goth) band. Bring more soon!


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