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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Gate - Saturday Night Fever 12" (MIE)

Gate Saturday Night Fever MIE
25 January 2016

The Dead C’s Michael Morley answers the criticisms aimed at 2010’s A Republic of Sadness (Ba Da Bing!) by pushing those perceived flaws even further into his new album.

Comprised of heavily distorted, sampled loops, Saturday Night Fever expands as a psychedelic trip into interdimensional disco. Funky, overdriven beats create a hypnotic pattern for warped instrumentation to warble where everything’s not playing at the exact same speed. Just when you’ve sunk into the groove, Morley’s voice appears, distant, but right in front, jarring because it doesn’t really match the overall sound, but fitting perfectly into this soundscape of strange. It’s like Flying Saucer Attack’s two main influences were Portishead and Throbbing Gristle.

Throughout his work with Gate and The Dead C, Morley has consistently explored the possibilities of sound. Journey into his newest trek and scramble your brain.


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