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Genjo, Chromatron and Zero-Bass: Exploring Electronica on Newgrounds

17 April 2008

My neurotic downloading compulsion began with electronic music, so in the interests of linear chronology, it is only fitting that I begin with the artists that led me down this path of chronic gigabyte consumption.

The following three artists weren’t the first I downloaded; rather I discovered them after devoting hours to my search for the darkest jungle and the most extreme hardcore techno to be found on

JOE BIRDSEY, aka Genjo, is an 18-year-old college student based in London who does some absolutely brutal hardcore/gabber techno. His music is so intense, so extreme, that pregnant women and people with heart problems should be cautious when listening. “Bass Destroyer” is a runaway train that not only hits you, it grabs you and drags you until it crashes. Also check out Genjo’s twisted version of the “Legend of Zelda Theme” – it sounds like Link having a meth-fueled rhoid rage.

Hailing from Orlando, FL, Chromatron, aka DJ ZABAR, aka ZACH ROSENTHAL, composes extremely fast, complex, math-minded music similar to old APHEX TWIN or SQUAREPUSHER, but the twists and turns are all his own. With nearly 40 songs on Newgrounds and a few choice selections on MySpace (some for sale if you want to help feed the artist), Chromatron is indeed an inspired, prolific artist. Start with “Gonna Freak Out” or “Hitsugaya’s Revenge” to get a feel for his sound, or try “Chilexoni” for a mellower, but no less insane, introduction.

Zero-Bass, from Italy, is an incredibly prolific composer, whose songs are rooted firmly in the techno/rave/dance traditions while retaining the intelligence and integrity necessary to create compelling music. There are so many songs, finding a place to start may be a bit difficult. I prefer his more aggressive tracks, like “Endless Hostility,” “Time Breaker” and “Ryu Satsui no Hadou.” “Demon” and “Heaven’s Rave” are lighter in tone, but so full of energy it’s hard to keep still while listening to them.

I’ve also downloaded a number of tracks by a few other artists – ZACKO555000, F-777, PARAGONX9, UNORDINARY DRAGON and THE BREED have all caught my attention, but the aforementioned three have really captured my imagination. The real fun, however, at least for me, is in the hunt for the next song that reaches through my ears into my brain and refuses to let go until I click ‘download,’ ultimately sacrificing megabytes for aural satisfaction.

My next post begins what will most likely become a long series dedicated to my current fixation with black metal. In the meantime, do some exploration of your own. You never know what’s there until you look.

Happy hunting!


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