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Big Takeover Issue #83
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La Otracina - Tonal Ellipse of the One (Holy Mountain)

7 August 2007

On Tonal Ellipse of the One, prolific Brooklyn-based drummer ADAM KRINEY (who also leads OWL XOUNDS EXPLODING GALAXY, RUST IONICS, BLIZZARDS, and more) journeys back three decades to the days when interstellar explorers traveled on waves of guitar riffs, propelled through space and time by hard-hitting drum juggernauts. He’s got the sonic atmosphere down perfectly; phasing and compression abound. While there’s a free-form aesthetic operating here, this is far from directionless, with intricate rhythm shifts, whiplash edits, and complementary layers of guitars (guest TYLER NOLAN, member NINNI MORGIA). There’s (usually upright!) bass on three of the five lengthy tracks, but the guitars are so heavy that there’s never a lack of bottom. Any number of krautrock, psychedelic, stoner metal, and prog bands could be name-checked (among current groups, fans of COMETS ON FIRE should check this one out), but La Otracina is a glorious distillation of an era rather than a mundane imitation of specific components.


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