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Mutoid Man – War Moans (Sargent House)

Mutoid Man - War Moans
11 July 2017

Mutoid Man’s latest LP, War Moans, opens fast and furious with “Melt Your Mind” and does not slow down much thereafter. The band is made up of Stephen Brodsky on guitar, Ben Koller on drums, and Nicholas Cageao on bass. Knowing the historical output from their other bands, namely Cave In and Converge, it is not surprising the 12 tracks comprise a splendid mix of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Listeners will get a (slight) breather starting at the fourth track, “Kiss of Death”. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with speed but having it interspersed with slower tempos helps everything gel together and ultimately offering a more interesting result. That being said, the number of riffs, start/stops, drum fills, string bends, and so on throughout, displays the dexterity and musicianship of these three (hell)cats.

The title track is the centerpiece of this album and it may turn out to be a top pick for this year, at least on the louder side of the dial. Marty Friedman makes a guest appearance on the song, adding a guitar solo sure to bring a smile to even the most hardened metalhead. Other highlights include the synths and hint of goth on “Wreck and Survive” and the guitar tones found on “Open Flame”.

I won’t even get into the lyrics here, suffice to say, a fun time was had in creating this album. Ultimately, War Moans is an excellent addition to the interesting music already made by the members of Mutoid Man.