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Puff - Living in the Partyzone (Mondo Mongo/Slovenly)

Puff Living in the Partyzone Mondo Mongo Slovenly
3 October 2016

Berlin, Germany-based synth punk weirdos Puff deliver a strong debut full-length in both English and German that will make you dance while scratching your head.

Blasting from a rising, throbbing synth pulse, “Die Zukunft ist gekommen” (roughly translated as “The future has come”) announces the mysterious group’s arrival like an amalgamation of Jay Reatard’s Terror Visions, Depeche Mode and Gary Numan hyped up on Heisenberg’s blue meth. From there, Living in the Partyzone only gets weirder as the songs become a crazed stew containing the first three ingredients plus elements of Devo, The Fall, Cabaret Voltaire and The Cramps. “Der Tod ist ein Müllmann” (“Death is a garbage man”) even recalls The Normal, while the closing “Wenn ich dein Hund wär” (“If I was your dog”) sounds like The Monks as cyberpunks. It’s totally bizarre but completely listenable, unique and futuristic.

Judging from their psychotic stage presence and secret identities, Puff seem to be building a Throbbing Gristle-ish cult persona. It works. Die Zukunft ist hier!


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