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Round Eye - Monster Vision (Sudden Death)

Round Eye Monster Vision Sudden Death
3 May 2017

Shanghai, China’s Round Eye return with a referendum on last year’s election that offers an insightful glimpse from outside the United States.

Granted, Round Eye’s members are all ex-pats, though their time overseas under an oppressive regime of their own choosing gives a certain insight into what they’re seeing at home. (Note: About half the band hails from the US.) Hence the title, Monster Vision, i.e. the equivalent of watching a perceived Godzilla stampede your hometown via news and social media told as a concept album or rock opera or both. Politics aside, it’s the group’s most ambitious album to date, expanding their Minutemen/Stooges/doo-wop/free jazz freakout into further territories, from Oingo Boingo new wave to God Bullies noise rock to Butthole Surfers psychedelic insanity, making for a completely unpredictable album that exists on its own plane of genius. Meet the best punk album of the year, narrated by horror movie host/legend Joe Bob Briggs – really!.

November 2016 affected the world, just like France’s upcoming election will make an impact. Sometimes we forget that the world is watching.


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