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Salt Rush with Mark Peters (Pedigree Cuts)

Album cover for Salt Rush with Mark Peters
14 May 2016

Salt Rush is the latest project of the prolific and talented Mark Peters (Engineers), a collaboration with his former Engineers bandmate Matthew Linley and sultry vocalist Maud Waret. Linley recorded the basic tracks and vocals and Peters added guitars, mixed, and mastered the project. It’s no surprise that this heady brand of dream pop is effervescent and seamless, a crystalline soundscape that will tickle your synapses and warm your senses. Waret is quite the find, a singer with gorgeous, velvety pipes that caress this synth-laden material, elevating it heavenward. Opening track “Carry On” is most reminiscent of late period Engineers (think Always Returning), with tinkling keyboards and softly ringing guitars. Waret’s dulcet tones are in perfect unison with the music, and you’d never know these tracks were recorded separately. “In Eternal” is piano and beats driven, and has a nice prog aspect to it. The music is peaceful and wends its way past you like a slowly moving current. “Reveal Yourself” is pretty synth pop, sort of like the material Mark worked on with Ulrich Schnauss in past years. The title track is gorgeous and watery, unveiling its hushed tones like a slowly unfolding blossom. It is a balm for the senses and calms the mind.

“We Summon You” has a bit more electronic kick, and the synths percolate up nicely under Maud’s sweet voice. “Cormorant Flying” is nature based and holds up nicely as a straight ahead pop song, yet it’s tempered by a gentle feeling of wonder as it plays out. “Ritornello” is magical synth pop, gilded with sweetly chiming notes and it bounces along happily. I also enjoy “Whomsoever”, infused with synths and sparkling tones that will please your ears. The album closes with “Interlude”, captivating swooshes of sound with the barest hint of the Far East wafting through. It is redolent of a softly gray, rainwashed day with the bright greens of early spring. The entire album lifts and carries listeners along on currents of dreamy sound from start to finish, and long time fans of Engineers and Ulrich Schnauss will want to hear this. The album is available from Juno Exclusives on June 10th and everywhere on June 24th.


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