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Scream Hello – This Island Earth (Black Numbers)

Scream Hello Island Earth
17 February 2018

This Island Earth is the new EP from Scream Hello. Hailing from New Jersey, this is the band’s first new material in about 10 years. The four songs here offer solid song writing, excellent harmonies, and a nice variety. One can hear hints of post Sunny Day Real Estate Jeremy Enigk and the melodic styling of Death Cab for Cutie – these are offered only as reference points and not meant to detract from this band’s ability to have their own voice, which they do in spades.

The amalgam of extremely pleasant guitar, solid bass lines and drums is found in each song. “This Island Earth” moves between tight rhythmic changes and a hooky chorus with the band singing “..over and over and over and over again” underneath the main vocals, sure to get stuck in your head. “Jawbreaker” showcases the talents of the lead vocalist. “Sad Places, Happy People” is a two and half minute non-stop hook, the bassist slithering like he may have an extra finger or two. “Good Night” ends this too-short batch sure to be the perfect closing number during their live sets prior to a rollicking encore. Keep an eye out for these guys, let’s hope they keep the music coming.