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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Snakehips – Month of Sundays (Twister/Feralette)

26 May 2010

MARK HARRISON‘s SNAKEHIPS appear out of nowhere every few years for another collection of rock/pop gems, and Month of Sundays is this year’s model. As usual, the Memphis-bred, Nashville-based Harrison has one foot in the jangly pop of hometown idols BIG STAR and one in the rootsy rock & roll of the ROLLING STONES. Check the pretty “Brand New,” the snarling “Killing Floor” or the catchy “Walk Away.” Even better are “Wonderland” and “Sheena” (co-written by Mark’s brother PRICE from the BOTSWANAS), which dance all over the middle ground between power pop and rock & roll, all but obliterating distinction – few songwriters hit that sweet spot between them better. Snakehips find time to get sensitive as well; arguably ballads like “When I’m Blue” and “Love Poison” take best advantage of Harrison’s scratchy, vulnerable singing. One might argue that placing all the softer, gentler tunes at the end of the disk unbalances the flow a bit, but one might also assume it was done to come down after all the energy buzz of the first half. Regardless, Month of Sundays is a fine set of songs, maybe Harrison’s best.


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