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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Soriah with Ashkelon Sain – Eztica (Projekt)

Soriah Eztica
19 December 2011

On Eztica, Soriah (Enrique Ugalde to his folks) seems to emerge from some other dimension, one in which sunlight, sand and smoke intermingle, reflecting at odd angles off the droning soundwaves that flow from his throat. Soriah’s Tuvan throat singing and exotic flutes and percussion come ensconced in shimmering guitars and keyboards provided by Ashkelon Sain, whose work with acid goth group Trance From the Sun seems to have perfectly prepared him to chase Soriah’s musical phantoms. The blend of lush synths and dreampop guitars with worldbeat rhythms and otherworldly vocals on “Ximehua” and “Iix” ranges from ethereal ambience to pure psychedelia, soothing one moment and unsettling the next. One doesn’t so much listen to Eztica as wrap oneself up in it, allowing it to caress your skin, cover your eyes and get tangled up in your legs. Don’t worry – this cross-cultural fog is worth getting lost in.


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