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The Gods Themselves – The Gods Themselves (The Gods Themselves)

The Gods Themselves - The Gods Themselves
6 November 2014

Presumably named after Isaac Asimov’s 1972 science fiction novel, this Seattle trio was formed by members of Atomic Bride and Autolite Strike. Playing without a bassist, their deliberately-paced, dark-tinted music skirts the boundaries of ‘90s alterna-rock, ‘80s new wave, and ‘70s funk/prog/disco. On unhurried songs like “I Am the President,” “Thunderbird,” and a cover of R&B-er Ginuwine’s 1996 #6 “Pony,” Astra Elane’s slow-groove, wah-wah guitar worms and weaves around Damion Heintschel’s deep, fuzzy baritone, anchored firmly by Collin O’Meara’s plodding, precise drumbeat. Both guitarists trade lead vocals, but Elane’s are more striking. Her commanding, charismatic croon is scowling and seductive, exuding Pat Benatar, Siouxsie Sioux, and Debbie Harry. And on poppy duets “Last Chance for Love” and “Nerves,” and the cool blues-shuffle “On the Meds,” she exhibits a playful, provocative pull that entices. (



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