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Big Takeover Issue #83
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The Vim Dicta - Von Tango EP (PsychoGroove)

The Vim Dicta Von Tango EP
30 October 2013

More proof that good old-fashioned guitar rock never goes out of style. The members of the Vim Dicta may be young – leader Cori Elliott is only 21 and her co-guitarist Matt Tunney is 20 – but the trio’s blues grunge bespeaks an era when such a sound was fresh to their parents. “Stallion” and “Point Blank” burn slow and heavy, grinding more like a stripper against a pole than a crank on a sausage maker. “Name of the Game” adds some funk to the mix, while “Teaspoon” and the title track move from twanging groove to bludgeoning thud. While the songs are solid and the playing fine, at the moment Elliott’s voice is the band’s real calling card – her wild-eyed yowl is equal parts lust and defiance. Though not brilliant, the Vim Dicta shows tremendous promise, and it should be a treat to watch it grow.


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