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White Hills - So You Are...So You’ll Be (Thrill Jockey)

White Hills - So You Are...So You'll Be
24 August 2013

White Hills has long proven itself to have mastered the art of arriving without traveling, setting off psychedelic space rock explosions on stages around the world that revel in acid star guitars and galatic synth waves. On So You Are…So You’ll Be, the NYC power trio finds new interstellar paths to explore – paths that traverse only one light year, instead of a dozen. More simply put, the band writes more concise and accessible songs. That’s not to say White Hills compromises in any way – roaring drone-rockers “In Your Room,” “Forever in Space Enlightened” and the title track sacrifice nothing in terms of trippy ambience or sheer power, letting singer Dave W‘s star-shattering six-string lead the way as always. “Rare Upon the Earth,” “MIST Winter” and “The Internal Monologue” skip any notions of restraint, heading straight into the heart of the sun with laser cannons set to shriek. Balancing melody with madness, tumescence with taste, White Hills puts itself into interstellar overdrive with So You Are…So You’ll Be.


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