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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Zombi – Spirit Animal (Relapse)

24 February 2009
I could be wrong, but I think it’s safe to say that there aren’t too many acts like ZOMBI out there these days. The Pittsburgh duo recalls the glory days of 70s combos like GOBLIN, POPOL VUH or even TANGERINE DREAM, with a symphonic sweep of synthesizers and sci-fi spirituality. With their third album Spirit Animal, STEVE MOORE and A.E. PATERRA head even farther down the path of progressive rock than on previous platters, with stronger melodies and a more ambitious sweep to tunes like “Cosmic Powers” and “Spirit Warrior.” Moore has added guitars to his bass/synths core for spice, but analog electronics are still the heart, soul and body of the arrangements. It could all be incredibly pompous, but the melodic focus, space rock drive and absence of libretto keep silliness at bay. Zombi’s best record yet, Spirit Animal is like a soundtrack from the 70s or 80s that is much more interesting than the sci-fi/fantasy film it was meant to accompany.


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