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Iceage with White Lung - TT The Bears (Cambridge, MA) - April 17, 2013

22 April 2013

Iceage looks and acts the part of a band who would be created if you took Warsaw (the pre-*Joy Division* band) and distilled it down to a clear liquid, adding a bit of snot and sneer to the proceedings. Singer/guitarist/provocateur Elias Bender R√łnnenfelt looks uncannily like Ian Curtis and has the distance and sullen demeanor to perfect the doppelganger feeling.

On stage, Iceage is no talk and all business, a brutally short attack that had the kids bouncing around like water molecules in a boiling tea kettle. Even R√łnnenfelt got into the physicality at times, once bringing his guitar neck straight down onto my camera lens, and other times leaning over the crowd and singing, David Yow-style. Thirty-eight minutes and no encore later, they left without saying a word. Now that’s punk rock.

White Lung was the perfect foil to this bill, a Canadian punk band following in the great tradition of almost post-punk bands like The Proletariat or Discharge, tension-filled guitar that eschews the basic power chords or lower string riffs for biting circular figures played up high on the frets. Originally an all-female quartet, Kenneth William joined in 2008 and is a fascinating player to listen to. Singer Mish Way had a feral vocal style that was captivating and held your attention through the buzzwhip songs.


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